When a world-famous Swiss-based chocolate firm says it is adding a new figure to its line-up of chocolate characters it’s not only big news for chocoholics, but children everywhere will sit up and take notice.

They have been doing so since Lindt produced its very first chocolate Gold Bunny in 1952. Since then, the beautifully crafted chocolate novelties have become something of an icon in the confectionery world.
Which is partly why the first Lindt Pyjama Day – being staged across the company’s 20 regional UK & Ireland stores this coming half term, will create such interest.

Every child who visits a Lindt chocolate shop in their pyjamas on the magical day (Wednesday 28 th October) will receive a free chocolate Teddy dressed in Pyjamas as the Swiss based chocolatier launches its range for Christmas, a range that, of course, includes a teddy in pyjamas. What is fascinating is that none of this would have been possible had Rodolphe Lindt not accidentally left an experimental machine running through an entire weekend way back in 1879!

Like all other chocolatiers at that time, Lindt & Sons only produced hard, bitter chocolate, but young Rudolphe knew he could produce something more delicious if only he could unlock the mysteries hidden in the cocoa. He kept experimenting until one Friday night after months of testing, he left his factory
without turning off the machine. It churned all night and all through the weekend. The chocolate Lindt found on Monday was delicately smooth and tasted like it never had before. Chocolate was changed forever. It certainly changed the fortunes of the Swiss chocolate company which celebrates its 175th anniversary this year. Lindt welcomes back their range of Christmas stocking fillers – including a 100g Teddy, a 100g Reindeer, a 200g Teddy in a Christmas jumper, a NEW 125g Santa (in white chocolate) and the NEW 40g Teddy Pyjamas, with special offers available in store.

All will be available in Lindt’s 20 UK & Ireland stores which have all been adapted and updated to feature the very latest in anti-pandemic safety features and technology.

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