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Direct from five sold-out seasons in London’s Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, and from two packed-out theatre tours, Britain’s favourite contemporary thrill circus is setting out to win and entertain the nation at a whole new set of theatre venues.

Cirque Berserk! will premiere in Dartford from Wednesday 13 – Sunday 17 January 2016.

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Combining contemporary cirque-style skills with off-the-scale thrilling stunt action, Cirque Berserk! is a danger-filled spectacle that will amaze audiences of all ages.

Presenting the world’s most dangerous circus act, the legendary ‘Globe of Terror’, with three motorcyclists speeding at over 60mph inside a steel cage, seen live on stage for the first time in the UK.

Plus a troupe of over thirty jugglers, acrobats, aerialists, dancers, musicians and death-defying stunt men are joined by award-winning physical comedian Tweedy.

Press Quotes:

‘The equal of anything in the history of novelty showbusiness… will leave you astonished’. Daily Mail

‘Makes Cirque Du Soleil look wimpish… leaves one breathless with excitement’. Daily Telegraph

‘Death-defying feats… extravagantly dangerous… one of the most thrilling circus acts I have ever seen’. Daily Express

The show will be at The Orchard Theatre from Wednesday 13 January – Sunday 17 January. Pre-show dining is also available before the show. The Orchard Theatre’s Restaurant provides a range of, unique and memorable dishes, using the freshest local produce and prepared daily by the Head Chef. Reserve your table when booking your show tickets.

To book tickets or for more information visit or call the Ticket Office on 01322 220000.



What can Dartford Audiences expect from Cirque Beserk?

Answer Germaine

Very visual and spectacular. Lots going on!

Lucius (Team leader of Globe of Terror bikers) answers to questions:

Just like to say to that question that I am proud to perform in front of the UK public!

Stefanie (Aerialist) Answers to questions:

Exciting all round show!

How is Cirque Beserk different from other circus shows?

Answer Germaine

The fact it is put onto a theatre stage with also acts from all over the world. Makes it special!

Julius Green (Director) and Martin Burton answers to questions:

Because it’s not a circus ring. The area is smaller so the action is faster!

Lucius (Team leader of Globe of Terror bikers) answers to questions:

It is just more exciting!

Stefanie (Aerialist) Answers to questions:

Traditionally a circus would be in a big top. How do you make this show work on a theatre stage?   

Answer Germaine

Very difficult because of the confined space. So specialised props and floor markings are used.

Julius Green (Director) and Martin Burton answers to questions:

One of the differences  for example .Due to the smaller area we have to change the aerial acts.Which from multi points.They have to function from one single point.Which is a different format from a traditional circus

Stefanie (Aerialist) Answers to questions:

What is your favourite part of show?

Answer Germaine

My part of course….(laughing)..But show has many features but Globe of Death I would say.

Julius Green (Director) and Martin Burton answers to questions:

Love every  minute of it!.

Lucius  (Team leader of Globe of Terror bikers) answers to questions:

The whole of the show!  but the Globe of death is the most outstanding!

How many years does it take to become a circus performer?

Answer Germaine

Depends on your skills? I am a aerialist which for me did not take too long. As also being a dancer This helped with my flexibility and I have been doing it now for 3 or 4 years. Where others may have to train most of their lives! I’ve performed in many places from shopping centres to fields! (laughing)

Lucius (Team leader of Globe of Terror bikers) answers to questions:

I have been performing for 28 years but I would say you require with the correct training….4 to 7 years.

Stefanie (Aerialist) Answers to questions:

The end! And I’m going home (joking)…There are so many different skills which make it so interesting! To all ages!

The show features a dangerous act called Globe of death. Do you ever have accidents and do you get nervous performing every night?

Julius Green (Director) and Martin Burton answers to questions:

Accidents can happen. Especially in rehearsals and that’s why we put in so much training!

Lucius (Team leader of Globe of Terror bikers) answers to questions:

It is very dangerous and I’m not prepared to talk about that part but we are professionals and we minimise the risks! And the direction is perfect!

Stefanie (Aerialist) Answers to questions:

There is lots of danger especially in the Globe of death but the boys are so professional! But let’s not forget our other acts who perform outstanding tasks!

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