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Could you benefit from a juice cleanse?

These days, health is king – and the trend towards cleansing and detoxifying is growing fast. Despite our best intentions, busy lifestyles mean that bad nutritional choices make an all too frequent appearance in our lives. Many of us are feeling lethargic, gaining weight, seeing dull skin and developing digestive issues. issue. Sound familiar? Read on as Alex Auger from THINK Press highlights the benefits to be had from cleansing, and dispels some common myths and misconceptions too.

Alex Auger

Alex Auger

First off, cleansing is not about deprivation or dieting. The true philosophy behind cleansing is to give your system a break from the toxicity going in, and replenish your body with the high quality fresh nutrients it needs. A kick start, if you like, to put you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Through cleansing, many people see brighter skin, more energy and an increased appetite for more nutritious food, which they take forward in the long run.

So, what’s so special about juice? Well, you can pack over 1kg of fresh, raw produce into each serving of juice, which makes for an easy and convenient way to flood your body with nutrients. These nutrients can be absorbed into the bloodstream in just 15 minutes, and so juicing is an incredible way to get the benefits of fresh vegetables, herbs, fruit and nuts. This can only be achieved with juice (not smoothies), because all the insoluble fibre is removed in the pressing process.

There are two different ways to approach juice cleansing: you can DIY, or use a cold pressed juice company to design and deliver your package. During any cleanse you will only consume fresh juice, lots of water and the occasional herbal tea for the duration. On average, people will cleanse for a period of three days, though you can choose between one and six days to suit your lifestyle and goals.

When planning your cleanse, the most important thing to consider is the ingredients used for the juices. The freshness of the produce is key, so no using anything from the back of the fridge! As a general rule, make sure your juices contain more vegetables than fruit, as this keeps the natural sugar level low. Try to keep a variety of produce in your cleanse, and aim to make each juice a different colour throughout the day.


Structure is important, and we recommend having four large (500ml) juices a day, with a raw nut milk (dairy free) in the evenings. This equates to around 4kg of fresh produce, and 50g of nuts per day. To make your own nut milk, you’ll need a powerful blender and a muslin straining cloth. Cleanse companies will number your juices for you to help you plan your structure, so it’s a good idea to do this if you’re making your own. We recommend spreading the juices out with around two and a half hours between each one.

The real secret to getting the most out of a cleanse is to apply some key simple foundations, which you can continue long after the programme: rest, detoxification and hydration. People often find they sleep better during their cleanse, and it’s a great opportunity to get used to having eight to nine hours a night. As you’re already removing the more toxic foods from your diet, it’s the perfect time to remove them from your fridge and cupboards as well! You should drink at least two litres of water on top of juices during the cleanse period; this sets a precedent for how much water you should be drinking when you introduce normal food back into your diet. Take these principles forward with you, and you’ll be on the path to better wellbeing.

So if you’re reading this feeling a little tired, with a cup of coffee in hand, then a cleanse might be just what you need. Whether you just want some advice or are interested in one of our formulated cleanses, get in touch with us at THINK Press. We deliver our freshly pressed Kentish juices to doors all across the UK. Visit to find out more.

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