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The Get Better Box is on two missions: 1) to offer the UK a new way of sending sincere well-wishes to loved ones when you can’t physically be there and 2) to help adults parent themselves and action self-care during their most crucial times of need. In a sentence, they want to make it easy for people to connect compassionately when it really counts.

To achieve this, they’ve curated a luxury range of care hampers that fit through letterboxes*, meaning recipients don’t even have to get out of bed or rush to the door to retrieve (because on some duvet days, simply facing the delivery man can be too much to bear).

The latest range consists of: The General Cold Box, The Sore Throat Box, The Runny Nose Box, The De-Stress Box, The Relaxation Box, The Hangover Box, The Hangover (Pocket-Sized) Survival Kit, The Lava Bead Scent Kit (Also Pocket-Sized) and The Little Pocket of Healing and Protection (Containing Palm-Sized Chakra Balancing Crystals). But you can expect more and more get well gifts to be unveiled over time – rest assured, this brand is already thinking forward to the future! Plus, there are options for custom as well as corporate gifts, so the company can work with you to develop something utterly unique and totally tailored.

Each box comes: gift wrapped with your choice of customisable card and contains a collection of 6-7 products that have been carefully handpicked (and in places where they’ve been unable to find the perfect supplier, handmade) to support and at times even assist a healing or recovery process. The survival kits and pocket pouches act as on-the-go palm-sized substitutes for those that need some targeted TLC but lead unavoidably hectic lifestyles so can’t rest at home.

Blending traditional home comforts with helpful introductions to natural wellness and organic lifestyle products, The Get Better Box is able to offer a valuable, ethical and equally unique alternative to cuddly toys, gift vouchers and flowers – all of which are kind gestures but don’t provide any real substance for support or require much thought.

“A balance between sentimental and practical, we wanted The Get Better Box to be the kind of gift that elicits true excitement and gratitude from recipients… the type that feels just as good to send as it does to receive” said Marie Penrose, Co-Founder. “You know that your loved one will feel special and cared for when they receive it, and instead of being short-lived the appreciation will be long-lasting as the products inside will actually help them get through a testing time.”

“The last thing you want when a friend or family member is poorly is for them to have suffer unattended to, and the worst thing to have to do when you’re sick is get dressed and drag yourself to the shop for get well goods” added Sam Copper, the other brilliant brain behind these boxes, “with The Get Better Box, none of this is a problem – we’ve solved these issues so we no longer have to experience the worst parts of being ill, which is feeling alone and empty!”

Incorporating various senses, such as taste, touch and smell, Get Better Boxes also cleverly encourage a connection to the present moment. At a time when someone may be feeling low or lonely, it is this alongside the knowledge that each parcel is packed with love and positive, pure intentions, that really makes a difference to an individual’s wellbeing.

Shop via to make the most of FREE unlimited shipping on all orders over £9.99 until 09.09.19! Use Code: TGBB19 to claim as many times as you like until offer ends. With gifts ranging between £9.99-£39.99 there’s something for every budget, not to mention 20% off up for grabs for corporate bundles costing over £250.

Get well gift-giving and self-care made easy ✓

Fits through letterboxes* ✓

FREE card with every Box or Pocket Pouch ✓

No subscriptions or repeat payment ties ✓

Combines compassion with convenience ✓

Range of price-points to suit all budgets ✓


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