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Creative Classes at The Marlowe

THE NEW Year sees a new term of creative classes at The Marlowe Kit, Canterbury’s newest arts venue.

The Stour Street building has been home to the classes since September, and while most are already fully booked for January 2018, some places are available. These are for The Marlowe Diddies (for children aged two to four), The Marlowe Dance Company (10 to 20 years), and The Marlowe Access Company (for people with learning disabilities).

Anna Cahill’s four-year-old daughter is a member of the Diddies, and says she loves it: “She has loads of energy and this is the first group I’ve found that can keep up with her. Class leaders Jo and Grace are wonderful with the kids.”


Creative class participants are enjoying using The Kit; Freya (17), a member of The Marlowe Youth Theatre’s Senior Company, said: “It’s a creative space with other young people who are enthusiastic and brilliant at what they do. The environment is inspiring, it’s a really cool building.

“It’s in the centre of Canterbury and part of the city’s history – combining theatre and Canterbury in a happy marriage. The Marlowe Kit is a space of public significance, it’s historic and nice to work in.”

To find out more about all The Marlowe’s creative classes, to book a place, or go on a waiting list, go to, or call the Box Office on 01227 787787. The Marlowe Youth Theatre is supported by Canterbury property developer Paul Roberts.


From April 2018, The Marlowe Kit will be open to the public and will host a mix of theatre, exhibitions, music, poetry, conversations and storytelling, all exploring and celebrating Canterbury’s rich literary heritage.

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  1. 12/08/2018 at 2:52 pm

    To the Manager of the Marlowe Kit, Canterbury.
    I have noted with interest the opening of the Marlowe Kit and wish to make an enquiry about what range of activities will be covered. Obviously, the main focus will be on drama and the history of Canterbury but I am interested in whether there is an interest in other creative activities for young people. The reason for my enquiry is because I have been active in teaching chess to children [aged 8-16] for many years and have recently become involved with the ‘Chess in Schools and Communities’ [CSC] project. I am also involved with the Royal Institution programme of maths masterclasses and have recently taken an interactive lecture/workshop on the theme of ‘maths and games’. I have been wondering whether my experience with these activities is of any interest for the programme at the M-Kit.
    Perhaps it is relevant to add that I live in Canterbury and am a retired member [emeritus professor] of the University of Kent. I have plenty of material and would easily be able to adapt the presentation to suit children of any age and/or family groups. I am available to discuss this possibility and to provide more detailed information if you have an interest in considering these activities.
    John Dore [August’18]