The two Michelin star Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London is delighted to announce ‘The Luncheon’, a new lunch time menu highlighting global food waste through historical storytelling and recipes dating  back to the 17th Century. 

With a focus on conscious dining for the future, the talented team behind Heston Blumenthal, including Creative Director of The Fat Duck Group, Deiniol Pritchard, and Head Chef at  Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Adam Tooby-Desmond, have devised a culinary journey that  reflects their commitment to sustainability through food.  

In true Heston Blumenthal style, the exquisite and experimental menu is a deep dive into  history where past societies embraced a more sustainable approach to food by minimizing  waste in their daily eating habits. This menu provides the perfect platform to demonstrate how  guests and the community can savour the past to sustain the future. Each dish is a conscious  masterpiece reinventing historical sustainability – proving that sustainability is not a modern 

day innovation but one that everyone should take lessons from in historical reference,  understanding how societies can make the most of food and decrease waste – whilst telling  Dinner by Heston Blumenthal’s own sustainable journey.  

The exciting initiative will encourage everyone to think about how food is utilised, whilst  appreciating some of the unknown cuts that are more than worthy to take their place on a plate. Heston Blumenthal’s renowned approach to cooking, which is led by history, provides the  perfect platform to demonstrate how the historical sustainability can be reinvented. 

The menu will address some of the challenges facing the global food system, highlighting the  issues, and illustrating how one can make a difference, whilst surprising and enlightening  diners through storytelling, quality ingredients, and impeccable service. Menu highlights  include: 

Starters: Ragoo of Pigs Ear on Toast (c.1727) Oxtail, Cippolini, mustard & lemon. A dish inspired by  ‘The Complete Housewife by E. Smith’. Pigs ears and oxtails are often undervalued ingredients  that are often not used for human consumption. For this delicious dish, the team pressure cook  oxtail with beef and vegetables and use the resulting stock for our beef sauce. This is an  exceptionally healthy dish, deep in flavour and texture. 

Nettle Porridge (c.1661) Garlic, parsley & fennel – referenced from ‘W Rabisha The Whole  Book of Cookery Dissected’. Stinging nettles are a great sustainable green and all too often  overlooked. Easily foraged, they provide a distinct flavour, that works perfectly with the  fragrant herbs that supplement this dish. 

Main Courses: Salt Cod (c.1769) Parsnip, pickled lemon & horseradish. This dish, from ‘The Experienced  English Housekeeper By E Raffald’ is a perfect example of how off cuts can be utilised to great  effect rather than wasted. The throat, cheek, and collar from a Cod is full of flavour and texture,  served with a horseradish vinegar, made from trim to season the sauce. 

Forced Artichoke (c.1732) Spelt, mushroom, breadcrumbs. Taken from ‘The Complete City  and Country Cook by C Carter’ This dish demonstrates how the benefits and recommendations  for eating less meat can still be achieved without loss of taste, through the use of bone marrow  and leftover breadcrumbs used in the stuffing. 

Desserts: Pineapple and Cardamom Tart (c.1728) Cardamom custard tart with pineapple jam. This dish  has a close connection to dinner and Heston’s use of the pineapple; when the recipe was created  in 1728, as seen in ‘The Country Housewife and Lady’s Director by R Bradley’ The pineapple  was a highly valued commodity, and on occasion rented out for show to households who were  keen to make a show. This dish uses the leftover spit roast pineapple trimmings to make the  jam for this tart. 

The new menu is priced at GBP 59 with the option of wine pairings at GBP 49. The Luncheon will be available until summer 2024.  

About Dinner by Heston Blumenthal 

Dinner is the brainchild of Michelin-star Chef Heston Blumenthal OBE, who is celebrated  worldwide as one of the most progressive chefs of his time. Researching 14th century  cookbooks from the royal chefs of King Richard II, working with food historians and tapping  into the world of Museums, the British Library and the team at King Henry VIII’s Hampton  Court Palace, Heston Blumenthal realised that the excitement and obsession with food is no  new modern day phenomena; and so, the very modern dining experience of Dinner by Heston  Blumenthal was born. Further developing these discoveries and fascinations of history he has  taken the concept into an ever evolving, exciting dining experience. The powerful association  with the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and The Fat Duck Group originates from its alliance  in 2011, when the two brands joined forces to create Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, at its  prestigious Hyde Park Location. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, at the Mandarin Oriental,  London now holds two Michelin stars. Following in the steps of Blumenthal’s highly acclaimed -more-

three Michelin Star, The Fat Duck restaurant, in Bray, Berkshire, the village where his pub,  The Hinds Head, also boasts a Michelin star. Heston Blumenthal’s unique and celebrated  approach has won international acclaim for his multi-sensory approach to cooking, that is juxta  positioned with his culinary alchemy in the research and discovery of historic British  gastronomy, that is reimagined in his dishes at Dinner.


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