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Discover the joy of the RSPB Garden Birdwatch with British Garden Centres

New year, a new hobby and if you are ready to get closer to nature and make a positive impact on the environment, visiting your local British Garden Centres store for the upcoming RSPB Garden Bird Watch is an excellent way to start. The RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch which takes place on 26, 27 and 28 January 2024. Not only will you get to observe and appreciate the beautiful avian species, but you will also be contributing to valuable data collection that helps in understanding and conserving bird populations.

People can take part by registering to take part on the RSPB’s website and then spend one hour over the weekend counting the birds that land in your garden, before submitting their results online or by post.  Want to attract featured friends to your garden?  British Garden Centres has the following tips that help you take part in the largest garden wildlife survey.

Provide Bird-Friendly Plants

Your local British Garden Centres store stocks a variety of plants that attract and provide food for birds. Plants with berries, seeds, and nectar-rich flowers can be especially beneficial. Crab apple trees, berry bushes, and other fruiting plants provide vital food and shelter, whilst holly, hawthorn, rowan and dogwood all provide delicious delicacies or attract tasty insects for birds to feast on.

Bird Feeders

Our garden centres stock a variety of bird feeders and birdhouses. Providing different types of feeders for seeds, suet, and nectar will attract a diverse range of bird species. Seed feeders are one of the most popular types to hold blended mixes and sunflower hearts and come in various designs ranging from tubular feeding stations to hopper-type feeders that can be hung from branches or posts.  These are ideal for attracting robins, tits, sparrows and chaffinches, and other small garden birds.

Peanut feeders are perfect for multiple birds to feed at once, whilst fat ball and suet feeders are particularly useful for winter feeding so birds can build up their reserves and energy.

Birdhouses and bird baths

If you’re an avid bird lover and want to provide a haven for your feathered friends, consider getting birdhouses from your local centre. Our birdhouses come with different-sized holes to accommodate all kinds of birds. The tit family and tree sparrows prefer a small 25-28mm hole, while larger birds like starlings and blackbirds prefer a larger 45mm hole for their entrance. Additionally, birds like robins and song thrushes prefer open-fronted boxes that allow them to nestle in the undergrowth. By choosing the right birdhouse, you can ensure that your feathered friends have a comfortable and safe place to call home. Birds require a reliable source of water for drinking and bathing throughout the year. Whether it be investing in a shallow dish or bowl filled with water, or installing a birdbath that is elevated from the ground, British Garden Centres has the goods to ensure the birds’ health and wellbeing during the Big Garden Birdwatch and beyond.

Knowledgeable staff

Our friendly team are on hand to give tips and advice on bird feeding to ensure the health and well-being of our favourite garden visitors.  This includes using the right type of feeders, keeping them clean, and avoiding overfeeding. We can also advise on bird-friendly gardening practices, such as avoiding the use of pesticides harmful to birds, providing clean water sources, and maintaining a diverse and natural garden environment.

Amy Stubbs, Project and Development Manager said: “By participating in the RSPB Garden Bird Watch, you contribute to a nationwide effort to monitor and protect bird species. Your observations help scientists and conservationists make informed decisions to safeguard the welfare of birds and their habitats. It’s a simple yet impactful way to play a part in the conservation of wildlife and British Garden Centres is full of inspiration and bird-friendly products to provide a wildlife haven in your garden all year round.”

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