Kent hospice charity ellenor is expanding its Living Well programme due to rising demand. The 12-week programme for patients facing life limiting and terminal illness enables them to access an exciting range of groups, classes and social support.

ellenor is the only charity in Kent which provides hospice care for people of all ages. We offer physical, psychological, spiritual and financial support as well as a holistic approach to wellbeing.

“They were able to support me to fill in form and gain access to several benefits, including the Personal Independence Payment and applying for a blue badge, within a reasonably short visit.  I was also able to gain access to free legal advice from a solicitor, who attends ellenor between 11 and 12 on a Friday” – says Louise Keehan.

The Living Well programme has been designed around the needs of patients. The bespoke approach involves ellenor professionals and patients working together to create a programme tailored to each patient’s specific needs – from managing anxiety to improving mobility and planning for the future.  By involving patients in their own health and care, putting their needs at the heart of the process, it allows them to feel more empowered and goal focussed about their care and treatment.

“The patient-centred approach is essential in improving lives” believes Dr Russ Hargreaves, Head of Wellbeing. “As people with life limiting and terminal conditions are living longer, but with more complex needs, we are adapting our services to help our patients make the most of the time they have left. Our patients want and need to be involved in their own care that gives them as much control as possible. Our Living Well programme aims to support people to take greater control of their health and make positive changes. After 12 weeks patients can still access our Wellbeing Service and also gain professional support if it is needed. Providing continued access to our services allows patients to feel supported in the longer term once their tailored programme has finished” says Dr Hargreaves.

With its goal of encouraging people to be partners in decisions about their own care, the Living Well programme will now be extended to three days – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 26 February 2020 to meet the growing need.  10am – 3pm at ellenor Coldharbour Road, Gravesend. All activities take place at ellenor hospice, Coldharbour Road, Gravesend.

The new Living Well service at ellenor has encouraged our patients to really think about what matters to them and how they want to spend their time living life to the fullest.  We help each patient to set themselves a goal to achieve in the 12-week period, which enables them to focus on particular aspects of their life. Whatever that may be, our entire team is focussed on helping that individual achieve it, so they are empowered to be able to do more independently.” – Andrew Lowden, ellenor Senior Physiotherapist.

In addition, ellenor is also making available its creative writing, legal advice and financial support sessions every Friday from 11am-12noon. This ‘Social Drop-in’ session also offers people the chance to find out more about the many supportive services ellenor offers.

To find out more about the Living Well programme and our Wellbeing services, please contact Dr Russ Hargreaves, Head of Wellbeing or call 01474 320007.

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