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Intrigue, adventure, intellect, a touch of panic and good ol’ fashioned fun – that sums up the challenging Crystal Maze-esque escape rooms at Escape Kent in Canterbury.

This may be the first (and quite possibly the last) time I write a feature in which I’m not allowed to share details about my experience. Spoilers are a no-no when it comes to escape rooms, so particulars will be kept to a bare minimum. But trust me, you don’t want to know. Stepping into an escape room without the faintest idea about what’s around the corner makes it all the more exciting.

Escape Kent currently has three different escape room experiences, with a fourth on the way. Their flagship room, Kidnapped, will have you racing for your life as you find yourself in the dark, dreary basement of ‘The Butcher’, one of Texas’s most renowned serial killers. Will you solve all the puzzles and escape before he returns?

If creepy basements are too close to home for your taste, how about a space mission to find a new planet to colonise? In Alien Attack, extra terrestrials find out about your research and in angry retaliation, have built a missile in order to destroy Earth. It’s your job to disarm the missile before it’s too late.

Escape Kent’s newest installation, Pirates of the Stormy Seas, is the room the insideKENT team had the pleasure of escaping. Our goal: to climb aboard the famous ship known as ‘The Dark Soul’ and find the coveted Black Diamond. We had to work our way through the room finding clues and solving puzzles, while the looming 60-minute countdown glared at us on the in-room screen, making things genuinely tense!

Teamwork and constant communication are absolutely necessary, and be prepared to leave with brain-ache from all that thinkin’.  Being trapped in an escape room is an incredible workout for your mind, and makes you truly think outside the box.

I’m proud to say we found the Black Diamond with time to spare, but only because of the helpful hints we received when the Escape Room staff saw that we were stumped (yes, they’re watching). These clues were invaluable and came at just the right time before we started attacking each other out of frustration.

I can see why people become escape room addicts; it’s the perfect blend of fun, adrenaline and wits – not many local activities can offer you that.

Escape Kent is currently working on a fourth (and from what we hear, the best) escape room: The Haunting. In this room, you must find a pendant that’s possessed by a demonic spirit, which caused a man to murder his children and wife, whose spirits are now trapped in the house. If you don’t find it by sunrise, you too will be massacred at the hands of the pendant’s owner. Are you up for the challenge?

Prices start from just £15 per person, and sessions are held between 10am–10pm (check website for details).

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