A number of giant footprints have been spotted by members of the public around Dartford over the past few days at various locations including Central Park, High Street and The Orchards Shopping Centre. It appears that all the footprints lead back to The Orchard Theatre.

Following the appearance of these giants, believed to be from a whopping size 48 boot, there have allegedly been multiple sightings of a mysterious figure, however there have been no confirmed sightings or photo evidence.

Dog walker, Maureen Green of Princes Road who was walking her dog in Central Park on Wednesday evening said “I was walking Toby, my miniature poodle at around 7pm in the park when I heard a loud thudding sound coming from Brooklands Lakes. The sound started to get louder and I could tell it was getting closer and closer to us.

He was chanting repeatedly, I couldn’t quite make it out, but it sounded like Fe-Fi-Fo something. I saw a large, dark figure moving in the distance, coming towards us, but Toby started barking at it and the figure just disappeared!”

Night driver, Derek Conroy of Knights Manor Way who was walking home from work via the High Street in the early hours of Thursday morning said “It was around 5am, I was walking home after a nightshift and on the High Street I could see a huge man walking towards me, he must have been at least 20ft tall. I was tired from my night shift, but I am certain of what I saw”

It is believed that this ‘giant man’ goes by the name of Blunderbore and has a connection to the Orchard Theatre. Lorna Strawson, Theatre Director of The Orchard Theatre, Dartford cleared up the allegations of these sightings; “I can confirm that these sightings are true. Mr Blunderbore arrived in Dartford on Wednesday evening in preparation for our Pantomime rehearsals which begin week and had been out and about in Dartford familiarising himself with the local area. He may appear a little moody, but is harmless and the public have nothing to fear”

We contacted Mr Blunderbores agent for a statement, but they refused to comment.
You can catch him, along with pantomime legend Christopher Biggins, Kiera-Nicole (Milkshake!) and comedian Rikki J in Jack and the Beanstalk at the Orchard Theatre in Dartford from Sat 11 Dec – Sun 2 Jan.


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