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Fire Hazard Games Announce The Hunted Experience with Shine TV

Following Monday night’s finale of the hugely successful Channel 4 hit TV show ‘Hunted’, Fire Hazard Games and Endemol Shine UK, have launched The Hunted Experience for members of the public to take part in their own fugitive experience.

Monday night’s dramatic conclusion of Hunted on Channel 4 saw best friends Joe and Dan, and father and son duo Bob and Alex, evade capture and claim victory. Fans of the show can now follow in their footsteps in this new high-energy immersive game which will take place on the streets of London with tickets now on sale from

The Hunted Experience is a real-world, 90-minute game for fans of the TV show as well as immersive experiences, allowing ordinary members of the public to become fugitives and attempt to outwit a team of intelligence experts hot on their tail. Just like the TV show, participants of this new experience will compete against other fugitives, evade the hunters and find a hidden extraction point.

Played across an area of London, fugitive teams will need to find friendly contacts, move from A to B using an in-game crypto currency and figure out where the final extraction point is, all whilst evading a team of hunters watching their every move.

Using some of the latest technology to track and monitor participants, the feeling of the State’s watchful eye will be ever present.

Fire Hazard Games are working closely with Endemol Shine UK Live Events to create a live experience that is in keeping with the feel of the TV show. Through a mix of technology, specially designed games and a number of secret locations and actors, this real-world, high-energy street experience is going to be a lot of adrenaline-filled fun.

Gwyn Morfey, Founder of Fire Hazard Games says, “We have been doing real-world adventures for many years now, but are very excited about creating an authentic experience that’s based on Hunted; something we haven’t done before. Fans of the show can rest assured that they will get a real, panic-inducing, London-based Hunted experience!”

Tom Greenwood-Mears, Head of Live Events at Endemol Shine UK says, “We have watched the rise in popularity of real-world escape experiences over the last few years and soon realized that Hunted would be a great format to use. Fire Hazard’s experience and enthusiasm in this industry and their fantastic track record in producing great experiences, meant we wanted to partner with them on this high-impact event.”

The Hunted Experience tickets are available to buy at

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