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First coffee launched scientifically verified for its health benefits!

The only coffee in the world tested to scientifically verify its active antioxidant power and health benefits!

It is 2021 and laboratory tested coffee is here to provide a specific performance boost from exhale Healthy Coffee. High antioxidant levels have been tested and proven using the respected and highly accurate ABEL-RAC method (developed by Knight Scientific) for quantifying the active antioxidant power in exhale’s beans. Meaning 1 cup has the equivalent of 12 punnets of blueberries, 1.2kg of kale or 55 oranges.

Furthermore exhale’s healthy coffee is also full of polyphenols such as Chlorogenic Acid the most researched polyphenol in coffee that is cardio protective, anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective that are 40 percent higher than 45 leading coffee brands! The new blend is also proven to be naturally one of the richest sources of Niacin in your diet which helps repair DNA and convert food to energy making it one of the richest sources in peoples diets behind meat.

Beans are independently lab-tested and scientifically verified at every stage, to not only maximise health benefits but also guarantee all coffee is organically grown and free from nasties.

For more information on the coffee making process, how exhale extracts its caffeine without using chemicals (for the same tasting decaf version!), please see the press release attached.

We have Founder Alex Higham behind this new phenomenon available for interview/comment as well as Chief Wellness Officer Alex Manos who ensures products are always backed by science and people’s health and well-being are kept at the heart of the brand.

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