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From Superheroes to Masters of Wine, Spiral Cellars have become the ultimate home accessory for celebrities, wine-lovers and even tee-totallers

A desirable wine cellar is something we can all aspire to, but it’s no longer just wine lovers who are investing in high-end storage for their growing collection. From A-List actors and sporting superstars to leading interior designers, lawyers, doctors and city types, bespoke wine cellars have quickly become a luxury interior must-have, proving that you don’t need to be a wine buff to care about how you store your bottles.

As evidence, one need only look at Spiral Cellars, the UK’s leading luxury wine cellaring company, whose client base is considerably broader than the stereotypical middle aged, middle class male ‘wine buff’. Over the last 10 years, the company has seen  more and more enquiries coming from younger, design savvy, brand orientated – and increasingly female – consumers. They’ve also amassed a rather hefty black-book of high profile clients, ranging from England footballers and F1 racing drivers to Hollywood actors, popstars, and even royalty, who regard Spiral Cellars as the experts when it comes to turning a love of wine into a stunning home feature.

Last year, the Beckhams made headlines as they jumped on the wine collecting trend when they installed a bespoke cellar in their Cotswold home. Meanwhile, British actor, Henry Cavill, has been a long-standing advocate for design-led wine cellaring. Perhaps best known for his role as Superman, Cavill’s greatest superpower may actually be his ability to store nearly 2,000 bottles of wine in the basement of his UK home.

Cavill, rumoured to be after the role of James Bond, transformed his property into the ultimate Bond inspired bachelor pad with a top of the range Spiral Cellar. At the time, the film star enthused, “I have just refurbished my house in London and I had the bright idea to put a Spiral Cellar in there. It’s this fantastic piece of kit and I still know nothing about wine … I am going to start my education now because I have my cellar– proof that a Spiral Cellar is more than a practical storage solution, it’s both a lifestyle choice and a lifelong hobby.   

Spiral Cellars boast the stylish quality of an art installation, and over the years have even become desirable to wealthy tee-totallers. Recently, Scott Disick, whose journey to sobriety was broadcast on the reality show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, revealed his new wine cellar installation at his LA home, which he claimed to have installed purely for its aesthetic quality and clever use of an otherwise unused space.

Spiral Cellars also have a significant number of tee-total clients who approach them looking for an innovative and unique wine storage design feature that will turn heads. Creative Director and Co-Owner, Mark Dickens, reveals that “nowadays, many of our most lavish creations are for clients who don’t themselves drink wine, but who want us to create a truly unique design feature that will ‘wow’ their guests. It is no exaggeration to say that luxury wine storage has crossed the threshold from interior fittings into the elevated realm of modern art.”

Whilst the customer demographic has expanded considerably, Spiral Cellars unrivalled cellaring know-how, means that it continues to be the ‘go-to’ cellaring choice for wine experts, investors and connoisseurs. Tim Atkin, internationally respected wine writer and Master of Wine, relies on a Spiral Cellar to keep his collection properly cellared at home, confident that it provides the precise environmental conditions necessary for storing wine. Tim says “if you’re serious about wine, a Spiral Cellar works out as the best value option in the long run. It requires no heating or cooling and is ideal for wine storage, being cool, humid and vibration free.”

From their signature underground wine cellars to their custom wine room design service, the company is seeing a record increase in demand as the marketplace for luxury wine storage rapidly develops; 2021 was Spiral Cellars’ best year to date in terms of sales, and 2022 is already looking to top this. Recently, the company has seen a significant upswing in clients installing a Spiral Cellar into their finished home as a standalone project, when no other building work is being undertaken. Known as a ‘Full Install’, the Spiral Cellars’ team can dig and install a  cellar in less than 9 days, appealing to clients looking for a relatively fuss-free to innovate and add value to homes. 

Spiral Cellars’ design led wine cellaring option, is far more than a celebrity ‘trend’, but a lifestyle choice that allows one to enjoy their wine collection whilst at the same time investing in – and personalising – their home. With a range of options available, it is not just the rich and famous who are turning to Spiral Cellars’ expertise. The highly skilled Spiral Cellars team can create the ideal cellaring solution to meet a range of clients’ needs, depending on capacity requirements, their personal taste and style, space and budget. The range includes:

• Spiral Cellars – Fitted into the ground under any ground floor room and can be installed in less than seven days, a Spiral Cellar provides the perfect cellaring conditions and a stunning design feature. Naturally ventilated and capable of storing up to 1,900 bottles, in up to 66 separate bins. From £24,550 to £87,000. A Spiral Cellar Kit begins at £24,550 and an Assisted-Kit starts from £29,990.

• Custom Design service – Spiral Cellars create entirely bespoke statement wine pieces, individually and creatively tailored to the client and their requirements. With access to the same in-house design team as fully bespoke projects, there is no compromise on creativity, but clients have the freedom to source the manufacture and fitting elsewhere. A highly detailed set of plans are created ready for the client to pass on to their own build team, from appropriately spec’d climate-controlled ducting to recommendations on fittings, finishes and specific materials. Price varies dependent on project, starts from £7,500.

Spiral Cellars range can be viewed online at

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