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Fudge Kitchen celebrates 39 years in its own inimitable style

The confectionery producer is celebrating almost 4 decades in confectionery with its ‘Fudge Goes Formal’ event in Windsor. 

 On 4th and 5th April, the Fudge Kitchen team are taking time off to bring the entire business together for their first ever Fudge Goes Formal event. The brand is celebrating 39 years in confectionery, and in particular the hard work, dedication and strength of the whole Fudge Kitchen team.  Every member has played their part in successfully driving the business through the last two challenging years.

The Fudge Kitchen team will be uniting in Windsor to celebrate their resilience as a business and of course to have a well-deserved, jolly good time. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, Fudge Kitchen had to immediately shut all shops and saw their turnover plummet. Prior to Covid-19 their sales were split 90/10 retail to online, but with all retail spaces closing they shifted 100% to online, completely changing the way the business was run.

In 2021 with a new focus on e-commerce and the shops back up and running, Fudge Kitchen saw their online business double. Alongside this, a thriving wholesale and private label business contributed to their success. The confectionery brand is renowned for their gregarious staff, and if you’ve ever been to one of their shops and seen them making fudge in-store you’ll know how passionate they all are about damn good fudge.

It’s this success that has led to the organisation of the Fudge Goes Formal event – an opportunity for everyone to enjoy themselves and reflect on all the hard work of the last few years. 54 employees from all areas of the business will be in attendance for a formal dinner and dance followed by a day of team activities in and around the host city of Windsor.

Fudge Goes Formal will take place on the evening of Monday 4th April at the Castle Hotel, with an internal awards ceremony, dinner, a live band and disco. Tuesday 5th will see all the teams meet to battle it out in the highly competitive fudge making competition and a number of ‘Fudge Olympic’ games, from blind taste-testing, to fudgey tic-tac-toe and even a fudge limbo!

On Tuesday 5th the Windsor shop will remain open for customers and spectators of the fudge making competition. Each team will be tasked with making a flavour, including clotted cream, white chocolate and Belgian chocolate swirl. The fudge will be judged on the team’s fudge making skills, the cleanliness of their work area, the final batch (shape, shine, taste) and weight of slice which needs to be as close as possible to 185g.

The tradition of getting the shop teams together annually is a long standing one. Fudge Kitchen MD, Sian Holt, says “With our shops so widely spread across the UK, it’s important to take the time to get the teams together. This year we can collectively applaud our survival and celebrate all that we have achieved, from a re-brand to making great headway along our sustainability journey.  After all, that’s our purpose – to make life sweeter and we’re geared up and ready for 2022 and beyond.” 

To see how Fudge Kitchen make their slab fudge, click the link below:


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