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Ask anyone involved in fashion photography: What is the single most important factor in a successful photo shoot? The answer will most likely be good teamwork. A shoot does not stand out as a success because of just one talented individual.

Rather it requires several pairs of keen eyes as well as a good camera; plus expertise in the areas of styling, makeup and hair, as well as an uncanny ability to notice the minute but vital details that often make or break such an occasion.

In the area of vintage photography, Luke Yates from Way Ahead Photography has been fortunate enough to team up with the expertise of Make-Up Mentor’s Rebecca Hughes, who has extensive experience in the fashion industry. Add to that vintage styling guru and enthusiast, Victoria Shorland, and you have a lively team of enthusiastic and creative individuals who are able to draw on their collection of Kent-based contacts such as vintage vehicle owners, venues, and suppliers of vintage clothing to create an all-encompassing experience, and one that is truly memorable.


The experience of being involved in such a photo shoot is a wonderful one. Photography such as this, where all involved are equally important, results in a relaxed, fun atmosphere, a brilliant experience and remarkably authentic photos to remember the day of days gone by.



If you’ve ever dreamt of having your own vintage photo shoot, contact Luke Yates of Way Ahead Photography at



Samantha Snow and Joseph J England

Makeup artist:
Rebecca Hughes – The Make Up Mentor

Hair stylist:
Victoria Shorland

Clothes stylists:
Rebecca Hughes and Victoria Shorland

Courting Lily Vintage
3 Church Street, Folkestone

Samantha’s shoes:
13 Marine
13 Marine Walk, Hythe

Luke Yates – Way Ahead Photography
149 High Street, Hythe

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