Give a Life-Changing Gift to a Homeless, Young Person this Christmas

Leading youth homeless charity Centrepoint predicts 24,400 young people will face homeless this Christmas. For many homeless young people, Christmas can be isolating and upsetting – a reminder of what they don’t have. Sometimes even a small gift, when it is needed most, can be a new beginning for a homeless young person. Give the greatest gift this year through Centrepoint Christmas gifts.

Under £50

Toiletries and the Chance of a Fresh Start £10

We often take basic things like soap, deodorant, and toothpaste for granted. However, living on the streets, sofa surfing or sleeping on a night bus can make it hard for a young person to take care of their basic hygiene. The gift of toiletries can help a young person stay healthy and feel like themselves again.

Home-Cooked Christmas Dinner £15                                                                                                                                       

This is no ordinary home-cooked Christmas dinner. It’s a dinner filled with safety, warmth, and the chance to sit around a table, share stories, and forget about the past for a day. When you gift a home-cooked Christmas dinner you are giving a homeless, young person the chance to experience the magic of Christmas by letting them know that somebody somewhere is thinking of them.

Counselling to Build a New Life £20

Even one counselling session can be life changing to a young, homeless person. With this gift you are helping to give them the vital support they need to recover from their past traumas.


Warm Bed and Safety – £50

A bed at Centrepoint isn’t just a way to bring a young person in from the cold this Christmas. The simple comfort of a warm bed can be rejuvenating and give a young person the energy they need to take their first steps back into education, employment, or training.

Transformational Clothes – £60

A cosy jumper, a fresh pair of socks and a coat are more than a way to fight off the bitter cold this Christmas. When you gift a young person a new set of clothes, you are gifting them the chance to feel confident about themselves. You’re helping to give them a renewed sense of identity and the self-assurance to face the world again.


Sponsor a young person’s stay at Centrepoint for a year – £144

With a commitment of just 40p a day, you are providing a young person with the complete package of a room of their own, counselling and health support and the one-to-one practical advice of a Key Worker – the vital support they may not have had before, for an entire year.

Emergency food and the foundations to start thriving Last year – £250

The number of homeless young people needing emergency food support quadrupled. And the consequences go far beyond hunger. By simply giving food, you are giving a young person the freedom they need to stop worrying about where their next meal is coming from, and the space to focus on building an independent future for themselves.

One month’s bills for a young person living independently – £300

Even before the ongoing price rises, basic costs like gas and electricity can be a huge struggle for a young person. By gifting a young person one month of their bills, you’re giving them the breathing space and peace of mind they desperately need to focus on rebuilding their lives.

All virtual gifts are available to buy or donate through the website:

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