Gorgeous Networks: A brand new way to date

A website that amalgamates all the UK’s different dating apps, sites, singles events and matchmaking services under one umbrella has been launched: Gorgeous Networks.

Founder Lorraine Adams has been an industry insider for 22 years and has already brought hundreds of couples together throughout her long career via her dating sites and matchmaking services. Before venturing into the unknown, Singles who are new to dating as well as those long-term single can scroll through the easy to navigate site to discover dozens of niche new apps such as dating for those with disabilities, or where geeks can meet other geeks, sites for the not so well endowed to services for cat lovers or transgender dating.

Compare some old favourites or ascertain what type of dating service or event might personally be most appealing, all from the comfort of home. The Gorgeous Networks dating directory includes information on apps such as `Genie Connections’ – a brand new dating app that connects people out in real life situations such as at the gym, on the tube or just walking down the street. Those often missed magical moments when you catch someone’s eye – but realise they have disappeared before you have time or can pluck up the confidence to speak to them.

If both have the app downloaded, using Bluetooth Genie connections brings profiles up on a radar history that you have passed earlier. Singles can also read through listings to compare notes on more personal matchmaking services or discover when and where the most suitable singles events are being held in their locality. The site also offers loads of practical and emotional help and guidance for those who feel a bit lost or overwhelmed.

Site visitors can also book a FREE PDE (Personal Dating evaluation) from a dating expert who will guide them personally towards the most fitting direction in terms of getting the best results romantically. Most dating round ups that are published only include the most popular dating apps/services.

The Gorgeous Networks Directory has a far more comprehensive array of services both niche and attractive to the larger market.

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