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Have A Day In

The weather’s not looking promising, to be honest. It’s grey and grim, damp and drizzly, and even when the sun is shining the air is still cold enough to freeze even the smallest of muddy puddles.

It’s January.

But despite the weather, January does not have to be a boring month. Okay, so you can’t (necessarily, each to their own, of course) go frolicking in the fields or spend a day at the beach, but there is plenty to do within your own four walls that can make a day out pale in comparison. We’re advocating the day in, and we know just how you can make it memorable for you and your family.


You don’t have to be a domestic goddess, or god, when it comes to baking. Recipes abound on the internet, or maybe it’s time to dust off some of those underused cook books that contain such scrumptious ideas. Many of the most delicious use everyday staples that you’ll have in the fridge or cupboard, so you won’t even need to brave the wind chill to pick up supplies.

To make it really fun, why not have a bake off? Challenge your family members to create the most elaborate cake or pastry, test their skills by getting them to create their own recipe, or even forget the instructions altogether and just have fun. And when you’re done, there will be something to eat – bonus!

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Since you’re recreating Bake Off, you may as well give Strictly a go too. Pop on your favourite tunes and create some unforgettable dance moves – is it Latin or ballroom that gets your feet tapping? See what shapes you can throw, and have your family score you out of ten. Take it in turns, or work out an epic routine with a partner.

On the subject of music, you can always make your own. A jam session with your children, no matter what their age, no matter what their – or your – talent will always raise the spirits. No instruments? Make your own! The kitchen is a great resource for things that make noise… The voice is an instrument too, don’t forget!

Writing & Drawing

Have you ever wanted to write a story? Now’s the time to do it. Maybe you could put some ideas onto paper and then into a bowl; everyone takes turns to pick one and create a story around whatever it says. Or brainstorm a story together and come up with something unique and personal. Once it’s complete you can even get everyone to contribute by drawing an illustration.

Contact Friends & Family

If you find the weather is keeping you indoors, you can bet others are finding themselves in a similar situation. So why not pick up the phone, or log into Skype or FaceTime, and have a good long chat with friends and family who you might not see very often?

Make A Website or Scrapbook

These days it’s easy to start a website from scratch for free, especially if you use a blogging site such as WordPress or Blogger. Here you can record your family’s thoughts, feelings, ideas, achievements, and anything else you might want to note down.

If you prefer something a little less virtual, why not make a scrapbook? You can fill it with photos, drawings, ticket stubs, menus, anything and everything that you pick up on your days out (or in!) with the family. As they begin to fill up it’s fun to look through them and indulge in a little nostalgia.

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