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Stay Warm this Winter with HeatDesign

2012 saw the wettest summer for 100 years with a mini heat wave in September, but whatever the skies throw at us next, a trip to Heat Design is sure to help you keep prepared and, most importantly, warm this winter.


With another cold winter on the horizon there has never been a better time to consider your heating options. With friendly, passionate and independent advice, Heat Design in Canterbury has everything you need to get your family ready for the winter.

As a way of heating your home, the humble wood stove has come on a long way. Modern models are highly efficient, safe and beautifully designed. Clean air technology allows many wood stoves to be used in a smoke control area while reducing their environmental impact to a minimum through advanced engineering. The efficiency of the burn means lower fuel costs and more heating for your money.

From futuristic modern design to the traditional wood stove, Heat Design stocks hundreds of different models from leading brands catering to every taste, with top leading brands such as Chesney, Hunter Euroheat, Barbas, Dovre, Yeoman Stovax Rais and Woodwarm.

At the Heat Design showroom on Roper Close Canterbury you can see the wood stoves, gas and electric fires live on display. Heat Design can cater for wood stoves in places such as shepherd’s huts, conservatories and summer houses. Larger models can also heat hot water.

If you are considering an open fireplace, Heat Design has many on display in their showroom – beautifully handcrafted in stone, marble and solid timber, from brands such as Chesney, Montpellier Marble and Farmington. If you want to restore a period house to its former glory or create an authentic look for a more modern home you can be confident that you will find what you are looking for. You can choose a simple timeless design to blend in with any decor or select a mantelpiece faithfully reproduced and hand finished for a classic period to suit your room. A surround can be used to create a traditional, classic setting with a wood stove, period insert or an open fire.


The gas fire provides a centrepiece for a room and push button convenience in creating light and warmth. Contemporary gas fires can be turned on and off, up and down at the touch of a remote control, combining ease of use with great modern flame effects.

From the traditional cottage to the ultra chic apartment, their huge range of gas fires means that there is a gas fire to suit any interior. Their expert staff is always on hand to guide you to the right choice and help you through the whole process of buying and installing a new gas fire. Heat Design also stock a range of the latest gas fuel efficient fires from top brands such as Gazco and Bellfires.

A beautiful range cooker can be a focal point of the kitchen at the centre of the home. Full of warmth, they provide an efficient way of cooking delicious food and can even provide central heating for the rest of the house.

At Heat Design, they do everything to help you choose the range cooker best suited to you. They stock a selection of range cookers from the best manufactures including AGA, Rayburn, Steel Cuisine and Big Blue. The most well-known range cooker is the iconic AGA. This classic design has had a 21st century overhaul in the new AGA Total Control. The Total Control is soon to become internet connected with an iPhone app that allows you to turn the oven on on your way home from work, or you can set a timer from your sofa.  The AGA cooker’s sister product, the Rayburn, allows you to integrate the range cooker into a hot water system and heat your home as well as cook. If you are considering purchasing a Rayburn, Heat Design’s in-house heating engineer can guide you through installation into existing systems.

As an AGA and Rayburn authorised stockist, range cookers from Rayburn and Esse allow you to plug them directly into a hot water system.

There are plenty of other inventive heating ideas: solar thermal allows the positioning of discreet panels to harvest the natural energy of the sun converting it into hot running water; biomass boilers utilise renewable fuels to heat your home and provide running hot water. The flexibility of this concept allows it to be used in homes or businesses large of small. So be inspired this winter, and view Heat Design’s range.

Heat Design
Roper Close
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