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How a Harvey Water Softener keeps your home happy

With the cold weather approaching it is important to keep your heating working as efficiently as possible. The introduction of softened water with a Harvey Water Softener can improve the efficiency of your home:

The water that runs through your home impacts everything from your family’s skin, to boiler efficiency. This can be determined by the area you live in. Rainwater is ‘soft’ but when it flows underground through limestone and chalk it picks up minerals. Hard water then enters your home.


Limescale is one of the best insulators and if you live in a hard water area the scale buildup on pipes will prevent the heating system from working as effectively. When hard water is heated up it forms scale around the heat source, this is most visible in the kettle, where you can see white residue furring up the heating element. Now, this is also happening inside your hot water system which results in reduced efficiency, higher energy consumption and maintenance costs. You can’t see it, and you definitely can’t clean it easily.

Just 1/16 an inch of scale around your boiler’s heating element can increase your fuel costs by 15%.

Thick layers of scale need to be heated before the water, this uses more energy and results in higher gas and electricity consumption. Once a heat source is scaled up it can’t work as efficiently. The more water you heat, the more scale you produce and more energy is required – it is a vicious cycle.

A Battelle Institute study in 2009 found that water heaters running on softened water maintained their efficiency, while hard water saw reduced efficiency and in some cases blockages due to the build-up of limescale. The introduction of softened water will descale pipes and appliances, making them more efficient and longer lasting.

As well as limescale being removed from pipes, with softened water, you will notice that it disappears from your surfaces too. You can spend less time cleaning and more time with your feet up (with a cuppa)!

Softened water lathers better with products, so you are left with softer, more manageable skin and hair. Help soothe your skin by reducing the amount of chemical products you use and if you suffer from dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis you might see improvements there.


Harvey Bowden started up the business when he and his family suffered the effects of hard water first hand, now the UK’s number one twin-tank cylinder water softener, it has been developed over the years in the Old Woking, Surrey factory to work with British plumbing systems and fit neatly under the kitchen sink.

Harvey’s vision of having softened water in every home grows closer; “every home in the UK would benefit from a water softener, if it makes sense for one person, then it makes sense for everybody. Water is used every day and softened water does any job better than hard water”.


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