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David Wallis, 79, like many in their senior years, was finding mobility to be an increasing challenge. Fortunately, he was a suitable patient for a hip replacement in December – thanks in large part to his dedication to fitness and strength training.

Following a painful rotator cuff injury in 2019, David got in touch with Body Mentors, a personal training and sports injury clinic based near Sevenoaks. Initially he seeked help with rehabilitation of his shoulder, which progressed into personal training. With guidance and support from Body Mentors, David achieved impressive results – 100kg squats, 76kg bench press, and 120kg deadlifts. 


David’s physical condition gave the surgeon confidence to undertake surgery on a weekend, despite not having the full weekday support team available.


“I was strength training with Body Mentors right up to the week before the op. Assessing my condition and seeing that I was fit and strong, the surgeon booked the replacement – for a Saturday. In the week prior, the hospital intimated that the op shouldn’t go ahead – understandably concerned, no doubt, that having a 79-year-old on the table was too great a risk without the full backup team, which didn’t come in at weekends. Clearly the surgeon didn’t share this concern, as the op went ahead as scheduled!”.


What’s even more remarkable is how quickly David was able to get back to training after his hip replacement. A little over five weeks post-surgery, David was back in the gym, a recovery speed which both his physio and surgeon attributed to his fitness, “Both said my recovery rate was due to my fitness leading up to the operation”.

Personal trainer Will Gorringe added, “David’s commitment to his training pre-operation has facilitated an outstanding recovery (back weightlifting 6 weeks after surgery). His resilience and hard work have not only accelerated his rehabilitation but also shed a light on what’s possible to achieve through simple, progressive strength training at any age.”


Now keen to build on his new hip, David is heading into 2024 with his mobility the best it’s been in a decade or two, “With the hip now fixed, Body Mentors now are tenderly directing my butt ever closer to the gym floor than it has ever been during squats!”

To find out more about David’s fitness journey, please visit the Body Mentors Q&A with David, on their new training blog.

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