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April takes us properly into Spring and more colour! Hurrah! Winter has been wet, dark and miserable this year. I’ve been doing the hygge thing more than usual. Lots of candles, cosy throws and friends around for drinks in the kitchen. But now it’s time to open the windows and let some fresh air into our homes.

But how do you go about giving a room in your home a refresh this Spring? 

Well most of us have to work around furniture that we already own. If this is the case, then adding a fresh coat of paint to the room and buying some new accessories could easily transform it. 

Wall art by cox & cox, chair custom made by John Lewis, cushion from Laura Ashley

Be inspired by nature and define your palette

I take inspiration from nature and will often look to the seasons for colours and fabric ideas. Designers often create moodboards or use pinterest to set the scene for a room. This process can get the creative juices flowing and organise your ideas and define your palette. Take some photographs on your phone of anything that grabs your imagination and start collecting samples of paints or wallpaper. I’m currently working on a lovely Oast House, a very Kentish project! I’ve brought some apples and pears into the scheme to link with the garden outside. 

Test new colours

If you want to test out some new colours, it’s best to paint two coats onto some lining paper to get a real sense of it. You are able to move your carefully created paint sample around your room, allowing you to look at the colour in different corners of the room and at different times of the day. Helping you to avoid the costly and time wasting error of painting your walls the wrong colour.

Tell your story

The best rooms are personal, they tell your story. They are full of things that matter to you. Whether art, treasures you have collected from travels, or photographs of your children, the key is to display them well. I will sometimes start a room scheme by working with a piece of art. I keep the background of the room neutral and then the painting is the focal point. I can choose everything to work around it from cushions and throws to curtains and plant pots. 

Original painting by Scott Naismith, lamp by John Lewis, cushions all House of Fraser

Repurpose and reuse

The great thing about working with items you already own is that you are being mindful of the environment. I used a favourite old dress recently to make new cushion covers. I have scooped up old chairs, vases and art from relatives. Sometimes the frames are worth saving more than the picture! Sanding and then treating or painting old tables can be very rewarding. 

Don’t forget the flowers

A quick fix for a room that just needs a lift, is to add some Spring flowers to a few interesting containers and it will instantly cheer things up. Old jam jars make a good table centre instead of a vase. I buy inexpensive plants at local markets and put them into nicer pots and quickly a room starts to come to life. 

Inspiration is all around. Enjoy finding yours in Kent this Spring.

Jennifer & Isla


Jennifer Campbell is a Kent-based interior designer who draws inspiration from original works of art, beautiful flowers and stunning landscapes.


insta: @interiorskent


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