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How to…DIY Christmas Decor

From natural and rustic eco greenery, to elegant centrepieces, to show-stopping wow-factor welcomes, Abbie McCann, stylist for Dobbies Garden Centres has all you need to DIY your festive decor and add a personalised touch this Christmas. With Dobbies Garden Centres www.dobbies.com

Festive Eco-Swag 

A natural and rustic, yet sophisticated decorative look; perfect for sustainable souls or for an on-trend gift

“This beautiful eco swag can be made using foraged greenery or collected stems from your garden – this not only looks stunning but it’s easy to make. It’s a modern take on a traditional Christmas wreath, and while we still love a wreath, this is a fantastic option for those who prefer a more natural vibe. 

“You can get the whole family involved in foraging and you can even add new dried elements to it every year. We’ve created ours using ivy, eucalyptus and a mix of evergreens. You could even spray a few sprigs of eucalyptus to match your colour scheme.” Abbie McCann


1. First, form the back of the swag using the ivy and evergreens as the base. Decide the length of the swag and trim accordingly. Wrap twine around the ends to hold it firmly in place. 

2. Treat your swag like a bouquet of flowers and evenly place the more delicate foliage throughout your display and secure with twine.

3. Finish your swag by wrapping some ribbon around the ends, making sure to cover the twine. Place it on your doorway to enjoy throughout the festive period.  

Elegant Chandelier Wreath 

If you’re looking for an elegant and space-saving decoration to enhance your home this Christmas, Dobbies’ chandelier wreath could offer the perfect, stylish solution. Providing a gorgeous and festive focal point, you can create a chandelier that will be a unique talking point for Christmas gatherings and can be customised with decorations to fit the aesthetic of your home.

 You will need

  • Foliage from your garden or local green space
  • A base
  • String
  • Twine
  • Ribbon
  • Any extra decorations you would like to add to your display

“If you’re a fan of a wreath but want to be super on-trend with your decorations, our elegant chandelier wreath could be the perfect option. No matter the space you have, you can create one that will fit your home, and you can tailor the accessories to fit with your vibe. We opted for a sophisticated, jewel toned approach, but you could create one that would pop with white and gold, or even a more rainbow-themed approach.” Abbie McCann



1.Decide where you would like to hang your chandelier, as this will inform the size of base you should use.

2. For your base, you can use any circular structure to suit – you could source a wreath frame or even repurpose a hula hoop. Take two 1m lengths of ribbon and knot each end to the frame, at four equally spaced points – these will be used to hang your chandelier. Take the string and wrap it round the base, fully covering it. 

3. Layer each variety of foliage one by one on the base and repeat the sequence all the way around. Wind the twine around each foliage stem, ensuring its tightly secured. Make sure that you place your foliage so that there are no gaps, overlapping the stems is an easy way to do this for maximum impact.  

4. Once you are happy with the amount of foliage, add any decorations such as baubles or string lights for illumination.  

5. Now it’s time to hang your bespoke chandelier. Take the pieces of ribbon you have already attached – use a cup hook on your ceiling and secure the ribbons to the hook. The great thing about cup hooks is they are easy to remove or you can leave up for your next display.  Allow your foliage to dry out beautifully over the festive period. 

A Show-Stopping Bauble Entrance

It doesn’t get more festive than walking through a stunning waterfall of colouring hanging baubles; a welcoming moment as soon as you step in the door, that will make you feel at home and create a wow moment for your guests. 

To create this look:  

Select your bauble colour scheme and coloured ribbon to match. Abbie selected a silver and navy theme aligned with Dobbies Mystical Winter theme, using the 26 pack of mixed sized baubles, £14.99; 37 pack of shatterproof baubles, £9.99; and 20 pack of blue shatterproof baubles, £4.99.


1. Before you start threading your baubles, select where in your home you would like to create your wow moment. We’ve opted for the hallway to create an amazing entrance. 

2. Pick out which baubles you would like to use. For a ‘Cosy Christmas’ vibe opt for warm earth tones; for ‘Traditional Christmas’ with the luxe update why not try soft pink; blues and whites will give you a ‘Mystical Winter’ look, as featured in the image; while red, brown and gold are ideal for a nostalgic nod. 

3. Get your ribbon and thread through the loop of the bauble. Top tip, you’ll need to secure each bauble in place by tying a small knot before you move onto the next one, this will avoid the baubles collecting together.

4. Now it’s time to tie the ends of the ribbon to staircases, coat hooks or ceiling cups for an impressive display. For an added element add some wire Christmas lights and watch as the colours beautifully reflect off the shimmering baubles. 

“This is a fantastic option whether you have a grand hallway or you’re a little more limited in the space you have to decorate – ceiling installations are a fantastic space saving approach as they don’t take up floor space. Not only can you cost-effectively create a striking first impression for inside your home, but you can get friends and family involved in the creative process. It’s a win-win!” Abbie McCann


For more festive inspiration and to explore Dobbies’ collections for Christmas 2023, visit www.dobbies.com.


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