insideKENT’s top beauty picks to celebrate the start of Spring 

insideKENT’s top beauty picks to celebrate the start of Spring. From fragrances and nourishing balms, to flyaway wands and glowing day serums, you’ll find a carefully curated selection of our favourite beauty picks on this Spring round up. 
Polly 100ml | 30ml – Polly, Available at Boots
Mandarin + Peach | Heart: Jasmine + Honeysuckle | Base: Patchouli + Amber
Pillow-soft and powdery, this floral fragrance of feather-light peony petals offers elegance with added warmth. Drawing out every ounce of personality with red berries, intense jasmine and honeysuckle, a vanilla and white musk base reveals true depth and character. Cashmere soft yet rich and lasting, this is a delicate expression of sophistication

Prep your hair with these haircare must haves to make your hair thicker and luscious

Gently cleanse hair while restoring moisture, to soften and define curls. This 97% natural
formula contains vitamin-rich sea kelp extract and avocado oil, to help keep curls defined, silky soft, and super-conditioned. Wave hello to your best curl days yet.
This conditioner shampoo is formulated with Noughty’s own Pea Complex a cocktail of healthy hair must haves, from organic garden pea sprout extract, known to energise, restore the hair’s vitality and champion fighting fit hair growth( Formulated with AnaGain™) and Hyaluronic Acid facilitate to maintenance of optimum moisturisation levels in the scalp.

Care Taker Scalp Tonic, £7.99 Scalp care is important tooooo!

This leave-on treatment instantly relieves dry, irritated, or itchy scalps. The fragrance-free, 97% natural formula contains calming and soothing bisabolol and oat extract, to provide rapid relief. Suitable for wet or dry hair as it absorbs quickly, without leaving a greasy or sticky residue. Suitable for sensitive scalps and scalps that maybe prone to eczema.

From a single use 77% of users said Tonic instantly relieved itchiness and soothed their scalp.*

*In a 4 week Consumer Blind Study of 109 women and men with scalp concerns. Study conducted on Care Taker Scalp Soothing Tonic. – must be included when referencing stats from the consumer trial.

Style your hair the Noughty way

The 97% natural formula is packed with Vitamin-rich sea kelp extract and avocado oil, to help keep curls defined, silky soft, and super-conditioned. Mango Butter is loaded with Vitamin A and E and this fruity butter melts at body temperature giving a luscious texture that contributes to feel and performance. Wave hello to stand out curls, coils, kinks, and waves with this conditioning, curl defining cream. Noughty’s unique, QuinOxy curl optimising formula puts you in control of your curls and tames pesky frizz.

Thirst Aid Leave-In Spray £7.99

Triumph in the battle against tangles, dryness, and splits, with this thirst-quenching mist of moisture. The 97% natural, lightweight formula is powered by a super-quenching blend, including sweet almond extract and argan oil, to infuse locks with hydration.

This hair smoothing, anti-frizz serum provides heat protection up to 220°C while building an internal frizz fighting barrier to improve manageability in wet or dry hair. Perfect for all hair types, this serum is packed with marula oil and daikon extract to create pure hair magic.

The night before you say yes! Support your skin and sink into your most relaxing sleep yet

This dreamy, rehydrating body lotion supports the skins night-time renewal and repair. It replenishes water, to support and enable increased cell activity in the skin, which is boosted and accelerated by adaptogenic ashwagandha. During sleep, the process of transepidermal water loss is also increased as a result of an increase in body temperature. Rich moisturisation helps to combat this, enhancing the skins barrier, improving elasticity, texture, and condition. Skin wakes, with vitality and radiance regained. After bathing and before sleeping, massage into the skin with long repetitive gliding strokes. While applying, close eyes and breathe deeply to inhale the sleep-inducing aroma. Salicylic Acid is used in this to repair skin and Plant oils help retain lost moisture and improve elasticity in the skin.
This featherweight night-time facial oil restores the skins protective barrier function, soothes irritation, and supports overnight renewal. Formulated with Bakuchiol, often called the vegan retinol, which reduces signs of ageing and Sandalwood which helps ease mental fatigue. This featherweight oil supports cell turnover, and promotes elasticity, firmness, and texture, whilst helping to diminish the appearance and depth of fine lines and wrinkles.
A deeply cocooning bedtime fragrance ritual to help induce better quality sleep, grounding and restoring mind, body and skin for enhanced wellbeing. With sleep-maximising adaptogenic ashwagandha and aromatherapeutic sandalwood. Also formulated with Lavender Flower Extract which soothes, calms and balances whilst Nettle Leaf is skin stimulating.
A dual-purpose, alcohol-free elixir that can be spritzed into surrounding space to calm mood and create a restful, sleep-inducing environment. Or use on face to replenish skins lost moisture. Sleep-inducing, calming and hydrating.
76.7& agreed that spraying the Rest & Sleep Face & Space Mist on their pillow and surroundings helped them drift off to sleep faster than usual*
*July 2022 – Consumer trial conducted with 105 subjects over a 14-day period, female aged between 28 – 65 years old, using Face & Space Mists as the scent format.


This luxurious, dual-purpose, bath treatment promotes the resting of body and mind as a sleep-inducing, deeply relaxing soak, also use as a gentle skin polish to lift away dead skin cells to reveal brighter, softer skin. A delicate, lightly scented milky veil that melts into the bath and onto skin, while gently cleansing. Formulated to help retain moisture, improve elasticity and texture.

Day of, don’t let the rush and nerves get the best of you! Step into the day with style 

This dual-purpose pot of wonder is an easy on-the-go scent, to stimulate senses, ease stress, alleviate tension, and restore peace of mind in just a few inhalations. It can additionally be used as a nourishing salve to ease and soothe the appearance of dry, rough patches on the body.
For a positive, glowy sprits, this dual-purpose, alcohol-free elixir that can be spritzed into surrounding space to lift mood and reawaken the senses. Or use on face as a radiance-boosting, conditioning mist, that improves skin barrier function. Helps to protect against stresses of daily life, reduce appearance of redness, brighten and even skin tone while soothing and calming spirit.
This radiance-boosting powerhouse is a potent cocktail of derma-nutritious ingredients, from brightening AHAs and Vitamin C to skin-essential minerals. A multifunctional, fast-absorbing, and non-greasy serum, formulated to help reduce the skins visible signs of fatigue. Helps to protect against the stresses of daily life and recharge skin to restore equilibrium and reignite a fresh-faced, healthy-looking glow.
This delicately foaming bath and shower gel gently cleanses dry or parched skin, leaving it conditioned and hydrated. Formulated with a carefully curated blend of sweet almond extract, aloe vera, vitamin e-rich wheat germ oil and shea butter to replenish lost moisture and improve skin’s moisture retention.

Protect those eyebrows from the chill!

Stands Away Flyaway Wand allows you to be in control of baby hairs and give a sleeker finish to your mane. This fragrance free, multi purpose flyaway wand provides a lasting, natural hold to hair and also leaves your eyebrows looking fuller. Enriched with marula and coconut oil, Strands Away 2-in-1 magic wand instantly reduces frizz for a sleek, non greasy finish. Frizz Magic!
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