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insideKENT speaks to Eady Timms, owner and chef of Hythe’s vegetarian and vegan gem: Root.


Vegan and vegetarian café, Root has sat cosily on Hythe’s historic high street since April 2021. For a town which has recently joined Folkestone in its rise as a creative and cultural location that embraces all things artistic and artisan, Root has been a welcome refreshment to this quintessential Kentish town. 

Root serves home-cooked, delicious and nutritious food and drink to the people of Hythe and curious visitors to the area. As well as a café, Root sells vegetarian and vegan products, gifts and groceries. which are also available to order online via their website.

All packaging used is biodegradable where possible and sourced from the UK to minimise the impact their products have on the world, leaving just the positives – products that are great for health and taste amazing. 

Eady Timms is the chef and owner of Root and has been in the catering and cafe industry for the past 12 years. She completed her training to become a chef at local Thanet College and has worked at a range of restaurants and cafés throughout Kent since. Eady has also catered for many clients, including celebrities such as Robert Downey Junior. Since 2016, she has had her own catering company which has made delicious food for multiple pop-up events and evenings. During the pandemic, Eady offered a frozen and ready meal delivery service to deliver her food to vulnerable and isolated local people. 

“At its heart, Root is about providing tasty food that will do you good and make you happy in an environment that is comfortable and friendly,” says Eady, who we sat down with to talk about her venture.



How did Root begin and what is the inspiration behind it?

I had a catering company based in Broadstairs for a few years and I have always dreamed of owning a café. We were moving to Folkestone at the time and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to start something new. I have always been interested in vegetarian and vegan cooking while using seasonal ingredients and wanted to make my food available to more people. 

Why did you choose Hythe as Root’s location?

As we were moving to Folkestone, I initially looked around there, but couldn’t find the right space. I then found the lovely building in which Root is based in Hythe. It is a beautiful listed building with bright windows at the front which allows the sun to shine through all day. There was nothing similar in Hythe which offered only vegetarian and vegan food so I thought it would be a perfect fit to offer people something new and exciting.



What is the ethos behind Root and why is this personally important to you and the business?

Root is based around providing delicious vegetarian and food to people, with an emphasis on seasonality and local ingredients. I am vegetarian and I find it can be really difficult to find places which serve ‘real food’ that’s home cooked and tastes delicious. I wanted to bring that concept to people so they could enjoy vegetarian and vegan food at its best. I also try to use ingredients with added health benefits within the food so that they are benefitting people’s health and wellbeing at the same time as being delicious

What are Root’s defining characteristics?

At Root I try to make everything I can from scratch. This includes all the cakes, flatbreads, sauces, pickles and pastries. I find that a lot of places now buy food which is full of artificial additives and just doesn’t have the same flavour as real home-cooked food. I believe that is what sets us apart from other cafes

If there was one thing you’d like our readership to know about Root, what would it be?

I would just like people to come and try Root as we have many people who are not vegetarian or vegan, but love the food, so it is always a good idea to try something new!



What’s your main motivation with Root and what you enjoy most from the business?

My main motivation is just to cook delicious and wholesome food which people enjoy. One of the  most inspiring things about Root for me personally is when people eat my food and enjoy it. Seeing the happiness it brings to people is a wonderful feeling for me.

Tell us your own favourite dish from Root?

It has to be the spiced mushroom kebab. I make the flatbreads from scratch and slow cook mushrooms in spices then top it with homemade hummus and a smokey pepper drizzle. It’s the perfect dish for any time of the year and it goes down a treat with even the fussiest of eaters! People love it.


A final word from Eady

I want as many people as possible to enjoy my food and learn more about vegan and vegetarian options so for any insideKENT readers, just bring in a copy of this article we’ll give you 10% off your food!

www.roothythe.com / @roothythe

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