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JAM on the Marsh

JAM on the Marsh is an annual multi-arts festival spanning Romney Marsh. This year it runs from 6th – 16th July, including 11 concerts, 5 exhibitions, 6 children’s events, 7 theatrical performances, 3 poetry recitals and 2 churches tours. There something in this festival for everyone!

On 12th July Shakespeare’s Hamlet hits the links at Littlestone, when Changeling Theatre’s acclaimed outdoor production comes to town as part of the company’s 20th anniversary. Hamlet is a young man with everything going for him: a wealthy prince, successful student, living the good life overseas, with a bright future ahead. But then word reaches him that his father has died suddenly and Hamlet’s world starts to fall apart.

Hamlet Alex Phelps scream.jpeg

Returning home he finds his mother has remarried his uncle and Hamlet’s rightful succession to the throne has been snatched from under him. Hamlet faces a difficult choice: to accept this new reality or to rebel against it. Hamlet is a story of human mortality and struggle and the frailty of human relationships.

Music is at the heart of JAM on the Marsh, from baroque (Sounds Baroque, 7th July) to jazz (David Rees-Williams Trio, 13th July) and choral (Mousai Singers, 6th July & BBC Singers, 15th July) to orchestral (London Mozart Players 8th July).  The concerts come thick and fast, finishing with an intriguing mix of Latin groove, oboe and guitar on 16th July!

credit: Susan Pilcher

credit: Susan Pilcher

Most of the artwork has now been completed for the exhibitions, journeying from watercolours by John Doyle to Jillian Bain Christie’s exhibition of Romney Marsh Churches; an exploration through the medium of paper, featuring pieces incorporating sculptural elements and paper cuts, with cartography and mixed media collage.  There are also three dynamic photographic exhibitions, all featuring the Marsh, by Getty photographer Tristan Fewings, Susan Pilcher and students of the Marsh Academy.

Bain Christie St Clements, Old Romney

Bain Christie St Clements, Old Romney

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