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January – New Year, New You

Here we are in 2017! We’ve had a few weeks to adjust now and we don’t know about you but we’re still riding on the positive wave. A new year can bring so many new opportunities, fresh ideas and some ‘outside the box’ thinking. Here at KAE we want you to hop, skip and jump your way well and truly out of the box!

Some of your new year’s resolutions may seem like distant memories now and some of them may well and truly have stuck (after all it apparently takes 21 days to create a new habit or stick to something). Regardless of where you are with resolutions we have a fantastic idea….try something new.


A new year is the perfect time to break out of the normal mould and add something different to your new routine. Now we know with the grotty weather and cold temperatures it’s easier said than done but with our array of courses – we have 2,167 courses left for the rest of this academic year so you can’t give the excuse of not being able to find something.

We offer courses in a vast array of categories: Art, Business, Craft, Health & Fitness, General Studies, GCSEs, Language, Personal Development and Photography & Computing. Plus with courses in the evenings, at weekends and during the day, you can fit your ideal KAE course in to your lifestyle. Money doesn’t have to be an option either as certain courses have concessions depending on your financial status, some qualification courses are applicable for 24+ loans and we offer payment by instalments on all courses over £70.


Add on top of this our two loyalty schemes Premium Club for those aged 19-59 and Club60 for those 60+ you’ll get discounts on future enrolments too!

Toni undertook a Floristry course with us in Maidstone last year and had this to say “I work full time and thought that doing an adult education course would not only cost me a fortune up front but I’d be paying lots for flowers and foliage each week. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I’ve learnt so much about Floristry in just 10 weeks, have met new friends and have already enrolled for the next terms course too. I’d say to anyone looking to enrol and try something new in 2017 to just do it. I’ve enjoyed myself so much and wish I’d looked into it years ago”.


Discover a passion, find a new hobby, broaden your mind, think outside the box.

This new year, create a new you with KAE.

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