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Jason Donovan will bring his Amazing Midlife Crisis Tour to Churchill Theatre Bromley on Saturday 6 October 2018 (7:30pm).

Celebrating his 50th birthday, the show will be a unique opportunity to see the Australian actor and singer like you’ve never seen him before. With a wealth of tantalising tales under his belt, Jason’s autobiographical show will zigzag back and forth through his life, with songs and stories about Neighbours, Ten Good Reasons, Kylie, Joseph, I’m A Celebrity, Strictly and much, much more.

credit Rhian Gruffydd

Q&A with Jason Donovan about His Amazing Midlife Crisis Tour

Your career has had so many different aspects to it from television actor, West End lead and pop star. Where as a performer do you feel most comfortable?

I think acting and music is where my heart lies, so musical theatre is a perfect marriage of that. But I enjoy straight acting, and also singing with a band. Each discipline has different things about it that I enjoy, so I’m lucky to be able to do both!

Being part of ‘Neighbours’ and the huge excitement around the wedding of Scott and Charlene must have seemed very surreal – were you prepared for the reaction?

My days in ‘Neighbours’ were exciting, fun and although as cast members we did feel how popular it was at the time, it’s only the passing of time that has made me realise how significant the storylines I was part of were to people. There isn’t a week that goes by where people don’t ask me about Scott and Charlene’s wedding, it’s incredible to think that people hold that memory so dearly thirty years down the line.

Your pop career saw you working with the ‘Hit Factory’ of Stock, Aitkin, Waterman. What are your memories of this?

Working with Stock, Aitkin and Waterman was a fantastic experience and one that I’m very lucky and proud to have been a part of. They are responsible for so many hits and the eighties was such a great time for pop music. I didn’t start out looking to be a pop star and to be invited into the music world was the start of a lifelong love affair.

More recently you’ve played the lead in ‘Priscilla Queen of the Dessert’ – with outrageous costumes what attracted you to this role and are you a fan of the original film?

I turned down a role in the film and so then going on to play Tik for such a long time made me feel like ‘Priscilla’ and I were probably always destined for each other at some point!

What are you most looking forward to with the new tour?

This tour will be unlike anything I’ve done before, there’s going to be some chat, some audience interaction, a few acoustic numbers and I’ve definitely got some surprises up my sleeve! Can’t wait!

Which artists have inspired you?

I love all sorts. I love U2. I love Peter Gabriel. I love Depeche Mode. I love Coldplay. I’m mad into Chainsmokers currently. I’m inspired by anything good really!

What has been your career highlight to date?

I’m so lucky, too many to single one out, but if I really have to choose one, I’d say having the best-selling album of 1989. That was pretty special. 

How did you celebrate your 50th Birthday?

We had a nice holiday with all the family somewhere warm and sunny. My daughter was also 18 in March so we’ve had a lot to enjoy.

Jason Donovan & His Amazing Midlife Crisis Tour 2018

Churchill Theatre Bromley

Saturday 6 October 2018, 7:30pm

Tickets £29.00, Dining Seats available

BOOK NOW / Box Office 020 3285 6000

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