Joshua’s Charity Walk from Winchester to Canterbury

Josh is 7 years old and lives in Bethersden in Kent. He is currently walking the length of one of the most historic trails in the UK, The Pilgrim’s Way, from Winchester to Canterbury. He is having a walk with his Daddy but using it to raise awareness of mental health in young people, raising money for Young Minds, Sam West Foundation and Anxiety UK.

The last few years have had far reaching consequences for Young People, so he’s going for a walk in the countryside, meeting new people and having adventures.

Walking with his Daddy, Josh has completed over half of the walk as they have been covering around 16 miles each day in the hope of finishing Easter Sunday or Monday.

There have been many highlights on the walk so far, a shout-out on Twitter from Steve Backshall (one of Josh’s heroes), some big climbs including St. Martha’s Hill and Boxley Hill. The views of Surrey from the hill tops were breathtaking or ‘awesome’ in Josh’s words.

Josh continues to be unrelenting and the energy and enthusiasm he shows each day is inspirational. Josh is taking each day in his stride, even with some of the physical discomforts that come with such an endeavour.

Throughout their journey together there have been many deep and meaningful conversations between father and son. Talking is so important, and Josh is continuing to find his voice throughout this journey following the lockdowns that have impacted him and so many other Young People and their parents. One of the most profound conversations was when Daddy said working as a team makes things easier, to which Josh responded with ‘That’s right Daddy, Together, Everyone Achieves More’.

As we approach the Easter break, Josh asks for one of four things:

1. Share the word, follow him on Instagram at 143JoinJosh, or
2. Go for a walk with a colleague, friend or family member and have a chat, or
3. Make a donation if you can at

4. All of the above

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