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Kent Artist Profile – Imogen Partridge

Through her small and intricately detailed watercolours, Imogen Partridge captures the stories and beauty of the still life, places and buildings that mean the most to people. From bespoke commissions to watercolour workshops, she is passionate about sharing her talent with those that want to cherish these stories and places in the form of art.

Imogen by Charlotte Knee Photography

Tell us a little bit about what led you to becoming an artist and how you would describe your art.

I have always loved drawing, painting and doing anything creative. I studied interior architecture at university, but my illustration has helped me pinpoint what I love. It is calm, joyful and immersive creating with my hands, brushes and paper in an evermore digital world. My work is all about stories and capturing places and things that mean everything to people: layers of memories brought into a beautiful illustration. It is small and intricately detailed to encourage the viewer to look closer and for a little longer, discovering more each time you see it. These are precious intimate pieces to reflect the precious intimate stories they hold. It is such an honour to have people trust me with their memories and to mark milestones in their lives, as much as it is to be trusted with bringing character and personality to the businesses and brands I work with.

Image by Charlotte Knee Photography

Tell us a little bit about the techniques and process you undergo to create your art.

My work is all created by hand; I usually work from a photo and start with a pencil sketch. I send the sketch to the client for approval, before using a fine line pen to draw over the pencil, picking out more detail as I go. This is all freehand so lines are wobbly and organic and I love the movement and personality this gives a piece. Next is painting. I layer up the watercolour, working over and over adding more depth and detail until I’m happy with it. The process usually takes a couple of days depending on the project and client. Sometimes I also add hand lettering or scan it to be used digitally, but computer editing is minimal to retain the authenticity.

Image by Charlotte Knee Photography

You capture lots of Kentish buildings and places in your work, what is it about Kent that you find so inspiring?

I grew up in Tunbridge Wells and now live in Tonbridge, so I have a lot of fond memories of the area and buildings nearby. We have an incredible wealth of wonderful vernacular architecture and amazing small businesses and I wanted to celebrate that. For my print work I choose places that mean a lot to me, and I always find that these resonate with other people and love hearing their stories about the same places, holding their own memories of them.

Image by Charlotte Knee Photography

Where can we see/purchase your art?

Zilch Zero Waste, Tonbridge and Greenfinch, Ticehurst

Instagram: @imogen.partridge


For bespoke commissions and to sign up to one of Imogen’s all-ability Watercolour Workshops, visit her website.

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