Kent Charity Profile: Last Chance Animal Rescue

Last Chance Animal Rescue, with centres in Edenbridge and New Romney, aims to re-home all abandoned and unwanted animals for whom this really is a ‘last chance’. This month, we spoke to the rescue about their plans and why they are still so needed…

As our name suggests we rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abandoned, abused and unwanted dogs and cats. We not only take in animals in dire straits from the public but also rescue regularly from dog pounds where the dogs are on ‘death row’.


Our rescue centre is unique as we treat every one of the animals in our care as if they were our own. We give them all the medical treatment they may require, regardless of cost, and we give them clean, comfy kennels or cat cabins which are heated and have nice cosy beds. They all have their individual dietary needs met and receive lots of walks and if they like them, cuddles during the day. We ensure each animal is neutered, ID chipped and inoculated and they leave Last Chance with four weeks’ pet insurance to get them off to a good start in their new homes. We are non-destruct and will take care of our dogs or cats until they find a loving home.

We have been rescuing needy pets for over 25 years, during which time the charity, which started very small in Edenbridge, has grown into upgraded facilities, and we are now fortunate enough to have a second centre in New Romney. We are constantly improving all aspects of Last Chance so that we can provide the very best care for the animals and currently are fundraising to complete works on a second kennel block at our New Romney Centre.


Over the years we have saved thousands of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens as well as rabbits and guinea pigs too. We rescue approximately 1,000+ animals each year and sadly the numbers are growing hence the need for our second centre.

We are busy all the year but we do see peaks in animals being dumped before Christmas and the school summer holidays. These are also the times of year fewer animals are being adopted as families have their holidays and need to plan taking on a new pet wisely.

We have many sad cases and lots of happy endings too! It is so rewarding to take in a sad, neglected dog or cat and have the opportunity to turn that animal’s life around. The initial heartbreak is put to one side as we set to work to heal wounds, feed empty tummies, warm freezing bodies and give some love to innocent creatures who are so grateful for a cuddle and a kind word. Every animal is precious to us, and our staff and volunteers work wonders to put back the trust and heal broken bodies and minds. It is amazing how loyal and forgiving animals are.

Our aim is not to have to say no to an animal in need, but obviously we are a small charity completely reliant upon public support. We wish there was not a need for animal rescues but sadly the demand seems to be increasing as does the running costs for charities. We are so grateful to our supporters – without them thousands of lovely dogs and cats, some old and sick, some young or pregnant, others just unwanted and unloved are left to stray and would have been destroyed in Council Pounds. Also pets whose owners who have little or no choice due to evictions, illness or having to go into homes themselves would not be enjoying life now if it had not been for donations to keep Last Chance going.


Apart from the fundraisers and charity shop helpers and contributors we also have a strong band of volunteers at the centres. Some walk our dogs or cuddle our cats, others help with cleaning, washing up, DIY, gardening, as well as volunteer drivers. We also have lots of home checkers and fosters which of course are all a great help to us (but we could always do with more). We also have an eBay shop and Hilary who runs it is always looking for items to sell or new customers! 

More information about helping Last Chance Animal Rescue and becoming a member can be found on their website,

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