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Kent’s A* Dining, where Michelin stars and fine dining meet

Explore Kent’s A* epicurean wonders, where Michelin stars and fine dining meet, transforming the county’s top-tier bounty into culinary delights for even the most discerning of diners.

The West House

The Garden of England: where Michelin-starred brilliance and exquisite fine dining converge to create an unparalleled culinary experience. Let us help you embark on a gastronomic journey through Kent, a region celebrated for its rich tapestry of bountiful produce. From the fertile fields to the orchards and coastal waters, Kent’s landscape yields an abundance of ingredients that serve as the palette for culinary artists. In Kent, epicureans can explore the flourishing gastronomic scene, where the essence of The Garden of England is expertly crafted into Michelin-starred masterpieces and fine-dining delights, each offering a feast for both the senses and the soul.

Chapter One

Hide and Fox, Saltwood

This culinary gem, which sits in the heart of Saltwood in what was once the village shop, is celebrated for its vibrant modern cuisine and cultivates a warm and inviting atmosphere, striking the perfect balance between accessible fine dining and an unpretentious, convivial ambience. Acknowledged by the Michelin Guide for its distinctive identity and innovative culinary approach, Hide and Fox boasts a coveted Michelin star, initially awarded in January 2021 and retained through last year’s Michelin announcements in March. Head chef Allister meticulously selects each ingredient, prioritising quality, and curates seasonal menus that showcase the best of the moment. Collaborating with a handpicked network of suppliers, their commitment is to procure the finest produce, prioritising local sources whenever feasible. With three AA Rosettes already under their belt, Hide and Fox continue to elevate the dining experience with a dedication to excellence and a passion for culinary artistry.

Hide & Fox

Bridge Arms, Bridge 

This Michelin-starred, Grade II listed 16th-century pub sits in the charming village of Bridge, within the Nailbourne Valley, its low beams and fireplaces adding plenty of character. The Michelin Guide comments: “The kitchen knows to keep things simple when it’s called for – such as the fish cooked on the grill – but there’s plenty of imagination evident in the snacks and other skilfully executed dishes which deliver sophistication and refinement; whatever you choose, you’ll find the food immeasurably satisfying, comforting and nourishing.” 

The Bridge Arms

The Fordwich Arms, Fordwich 

Nestled by the River Stour, The Fordwich Arms enchants with a wisteria-draped terrace and captivating views of the idyllic village. A welcoming wood-topped bar and open fires lead to a charming wood-panelled dining room. Modern cuisine takes centre stage, featuring high-quality ingredients and a limitless vision resulting in creative dishes with adventurous contrasts. The wine list showcases gems from premier individual producers.

Retaining its Michelin star, The Fordwich Arms curates seasonal menus focusing on local Kentish ingredients sourced directly from nearby farms. Accomplished yet approachable, the cooking unfolds in a relaxed pub setting, offering a choice of à la carte or tasting menus. The Fordwich Arms epitomises culinary excellence within an inviting ambience where each detail contributes to an unforgettable experience.

The Fordwich Arms

The Sportsman, Seasalter

Presenting a culinary journey through a five-course tasting menu, The Sportsman in Seasalter elevates dining with small, seasonal dishes that artfully showcase the local environment. Remarkably, the restaurant has upheld its Michelin star since 2008, a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence. Crafted daily, the menu seamlessly blends recipes from the past two decades with innovative new ideas.

This historic spot, with an inn dating back to 1642, continues to draw diners from across the country to its windswept location by the sea wall. Nestled alongside the Thames Estuary, The Sportsman benefits from the bounties of wonderfully fresh fish and oysters, while the adjacent marshes, woods and soil yield meat, game and vegetables of exceptional quality.

The ever-changing five-course menu here marries a comforting traditional feel with a culinary tapestry that intertwines old favourites and contemporary concepts. The cooking at The Sportsman is a masterclass in assurance and satisfaction, featuring seamless flavour combinations and an understated yet sophisticated level of complexity that captivates the palate.

The Sportsman

Angela’s, Margate

Sitting just off the iconic esplanade of Margate, Angela’s stands as a quaint neighbourhood gem boasting a fervently local and sustainable ethos, a commitment that has earned them the prestigious Michelin green star. Beyond accolades, their dedication to good, honest and wholesome food permeates every aspect of the dining experience – even the tables, fashioned from compressed recycled plastic, embody their environmental consciousness.

A concise yet impactful blackboard menu showcases Angela’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, featuring options centred around responsibly sourced fish and a delectable vegetarian offering. The culinary focus extends beyond taste alone, embracing a philosophy that delights in the art of simplicity while championing sustainability. Angela’s is a testament to the notion that exceptional dining can be both conscientious and delightfully uncomplicated.


The Smallholding, Cranbrook

The epitome of the ‘good life’ dining experience unfolds at this charming former village pub, which exudes a delightful rustic farmhouse ambience and proudly boasts a Michelin green star. Imbued with a commitment to self-sufficiency, the restaurant cultivates its own bountiful array of fruits and vegetables, tends to chickens for farm-fresh eggs and raises rare-breed pigs.

Embark on a culinary journey that seamlessly merges rustic British traditions with the finesse of Nordic cooking at The Smallholding. Here, each dish is a testament to bold, well-balanced flavours infused with a distinct personality. Amidst the idyllic surroundings and the restaurant’s dedication to sustainability, The Smallholding promises not just a meal, but a sensory celebration of nature’s bounty and culinary craftsmanship.

The Small Holding

The West House, Biddenden

Nestled within the historic walls of a 16th-century weaver’s cottage, The West House stands as a small, family-run restaurant with rooms, renowned for its extraordinary culinary offerings. Chef-owner Graham has masterfully cultivated a stellar reputation by unwaveringly prioritising the superb delivery of Kent’s finest ingredients.

From the moment of its inception, The West House, under Graham’s culinary expertise, has garnered a cascade of awards and accolades. The restaurant’s commitment to excellence has also earned it numerous mentions and prestigious awards in all major guidebooks. Graham’s culinary creations have not only graced the palates of diners, but have also achieved multiple distinctions, solidifying The West House as a beacon of gastronomic brilliance in the heart of history.

The West House

Chapter One, Locksbottom 

The epitome of relaxed elegance, a stylish venue where a modern European menu takes centre stage. Esteemed by the AA, Good Food Guide and Michelin, Chapter One has ascended to prominence, captivating diners with exceptional cuisine paired with an extensive selection of carefully curated wines and tantalising cocktails.

Positioned as one of Kent’s most distinguished dining experiences, Chapter One embodies contemporary cosmopolitanism. Impeccable service and an unwavering commitment to detail underscore the restaurant’s dedication to providing a remarkable culinary journey. The inspired modern-European menu, thoughtfully refreshed to showcase the best of locally grown, seasonal ingredients, reflects Chapter One’s culinary prowess and commitment to delivering a dynamic and unforgettable dining experience.

Chapter One

The Old Bank, Westerham 

Embark on a gastronomic odyssey at The Old Bank restaurant, a tribute to chef Adam Turley’s lifelong culinary passion, deep-rooted family history and reverence for fresh, seasonal ingredients. Nestled in leafy Sevenoaks, where both Adam and his wife Emma share familial ties, this establishment seamlessly weaves contemporary, seasonal British cuisine with French techniques, highlighting the best local ingredients.

In the historic setting of Westerham, experience a sophisticated yet unpretentious dining affair, choosing between an eight-course tasting menu or the enticing vegan alternative. Beyond culinary delights, The Old Bank transforms its basement into The Vault – a unique wine cellar housing exceptional selections from Europe, the Americas and Australasia. Under the guidance of the knowledgeable restaurant manager, explore an array of wines, champagnes, and sparkling wines using advanced systems like Corovin and Verre de Vin, ensuring a delightful tasting experience without compromise. The Old Bank invites you to savour a symphony of flavours and history, a fusion of culinary expertise and vinous exploration.

The Old Bank, Westerham

The Corner House, Canterbury 

Twice crowned as Kent Restaurant of the Year, The Corner House stands as a revered haven where culinary excellence meets warm hospitality. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to premium ingredients and culinary prowess, this celebrated restaurant ensures an unforgettable dining experience. Since its establishment in July 2016, The Corner House has emerged as Canterbury’s culinary gem, captivating the palates of discerning diners.

Sitting within a 16th-century former coach house overlooking the city walls, The Corner House exudes historic charm through a meticulous refurbishment that’s preserved its original character. The captivating ambience sets the stage for an exceptional gastronomic journey. Just as the drinks menu boasts an exquisite selection, the culinary offerings at The Corner House showcase the epitome of Kent’s local bounty. Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavours, where vibrantly fresh seasonal produce takes centre stage, promising a visual and gastronomic feast with every meticulously crafted dish.

The Corner House

Bowleys at The Plough, Trottiscliffe 

An ode to the tight-knit community that rallied to save it, The Plough has transformed into an acclaimed fine-dining sanctuary. Helmed by head chef Alex Yates, who shares the reins with his father David, this establishment is more than a restaurant – it’s the pride and joy of a collective effort. Immerse yourself in a culinary spectacle where locally sourced and foraged ingredients are the muse for Alex’s creative genius.

At Bowleys, expect an ever-evolving menu that transcends mere dishes; each creation is a testament to culinary artistry. The presentation is a visual symphony and the flavours are nothing short of miraculous. Diners from far and wide make the pilgrimage to savour the culinary masterpieces spun by Alex, making Bowleys at The Plough an epicurean haven that beckons with a tale of triumph, passion and unparalleled gastronomy.

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