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Kesson Physiotherapy – What is Back Pain?

We know that experiencing back pain can be frightening.  The back plays a key role in everything we do.  Having a strong and supple back enables us to walk, stand, sit, run, play sports and sleep without giving it a second thought.  When back pain strikes it is not just the pain levels you have to cope with, it also then has a significant impact on our lifestyle.

It is no exaggeration to say that if back pain was a disease the World Health Organisation would declare it a pandemic.  One in eight of us are likely to experience it at some point in our lifetime (that’s 1 billion back pain sufferers worldwide!).  If you have an outbreak of back pain you have a 70% chance of a it reoccurring in 2 years.  Back pain can affect anyone but the most common age range is between the 35 -55 year olds.  The most common cause is mechanical in nature caused by how your bones, ligaments and muscles work together.



If treated quickly, recovering from back pain can be a straightforward process.  It starts to get complicated, however, when the underlying cause of the problem is left untreated.  Many of us try to continue with “life as normal” and engage in activities and treatments that are at the end of the day unhelpful.

Over the past 3 decades we have treated thousands of patients just like you. Kesson Physio can take you on a journey that will mean you move better and live better. 

We improve your strength and mobility and restore pain free movement as soon as possible.  Using a range of scientifically proven techniques we reduce your back pain and speed up healing. Whether your back pain started suddenly after an injury or has come on gradually over time, physiotherapy plays an important role.

Click here to book your free telephone consultation with one of our top Physiotherapists. What have you got to lose?





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