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SmartBuyGlasses, has revealed the trends, designs and technologies to keep an eye on for 2024. SmartBuyGlasses is the e-retailer making quality eyewear accessible to all. 


SmartBuyGlasses is committed to staying on the pulse of these emerging styles and providing top quality, on-trend pieces that are affordable, which is especially important in a cost of living crisis and many of us may be facing the reality of less disposable income each month. See below for the key trends to look out for in 2024.

Oversize Frames – We’re seeing oversized sunglasses come back on the scene. Beyond their classic allure of vintage Hollywood glamor, oversized frames add an air of mystery and sophistication. There is nothing better than throwing on a pair of oversized frames and immediately feeling empowered.  RRP £256.

Metallic – Mixed metallic amongst eyeglasses is so hot right now, whether it is stainless steel, titanium or mixed metals most brands will have a collection to fit the bill. Light weight, with minimal fuse they are a perfect go to for office wear. Featured Style – Arise Collective ‘Maverick’ – RRP £49.

Bold bright frames: We’re seeing clear colored frames becoming more popular. This pair from Michael Kors perfectly blends the two trends giving wearers a chic and sleek look. These less conventional frames, with their slightly elongated tips work to elongate the brow and reduce the more rounded look of your face. The gold detail on the temple of this model serves to add a touch of flair to a more conservative style. – RRP £102.

Big square frames – Oversized geek frames are back in business and are the ultimate statement piece to complete any outfit. These Tom Ford glasses add an on-trend edge to any look this season. Featured style: Tom Ford – RRP £192.

The ‘Matrix’ look Small frames are the absolute must-have look this season hot from the runway and ideal for the oval shaped faces.  Futuristic in style; the thinner and smaller the frame, along with the more sci-fi colour the better. Featured style Ray-Ban – RRP £108.

Pastel framesPastel colours provide a soft touch to skin tone whilst allowing your eyes to shine. Colour-blocking is all the rage, think pastel pink shades/ glasses with baby blue jumpsuits – You know it makes sense. Featured style – SmartBuy  Collection – RRP £25.

SmartBuyGlasses has styles for every taste and occasion, so you can find the perfect pair to express your individuality.

SmartBuyGlasses prides itself on providing unbeatable range, expert advice from its certified opticians, and world-class support from its customer experience team. boasting the most extensive eyewear selection online, SmartBuyGlasses’s e-commerce store contains thousands of models from over 300 brands. 


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