Last Minute Gifts For ALL from Bubblegum Stuff

Bubblegum Stuff is an independent gift and games company passionate about pop culture trends to create products that spread a bit of laughter. 

Bubblegum Stuff makes fun family and party games and novelty gifts that are far from usual! For those looking for a last-minute gift to enjoy with the whole family, for the whole family – look no further! 
















Watermelon Chess: £19.95

2 players, aged 6+
Can you surround and capture your opponent’s pieces while stopping them from taking yours? That’s the aim of the game in Watermelon Chess – the super juicy fruit-flavored reboot of the globe game of Squid Game fame! You start with six pieces each, and when the duel begins it’s a race to take the other player’s pieces by trapping and eliminating them from the game.
















Plant-based Riot: From £19.95

2-6 players, aged 8+ 

Plant-Based Riot is the set-collecting, card-matching card game for families. There are gangs of terrible edibles, there’s thieving fruit, and there’s tons of card-based carnage. For a simple card game, this one really packs a punch. It has all the brutality of an actual food fight, only with way less clearing up afterward. Perfect for your next family games night. It’s even small enough to take on your next holiday!
















Name That Bumhole: £9.95
For 2+ players, ages 8+
This is not your average picture quiz. Animals’ butts are presented in flashcard format, and it’s your job to name the animal that it belongs to and then answer the species-related trivia question. It’s an easy card game to learn for a warm-up for your family games night. You’ll be surprised at the animals you’ll recognise just from taking a look at the rear! Some say toilet humor is the “butt” of all jokes, but if it ‘cracks’ you up, what does that matter?!

















Death By Coconuts: £24.95

Players 2-8, ages 12+

Which is the most deadly: sharks, golf carts, or falling coconuts? Back your trivia knowledge in this race of desert island castaways. It’s a gambling game of risk and reward, where betting big or small dictates how quickly you move across the board. Navigate shortcuts, hazards, and your opponents’ attempts to out-do you. Only the first to the finish gets into Eternal Paradise, so you better hop to it! 
















That’s My Aesthetic: £19.95

Get to know your squad better than ever before. Want to know what your true inner aesthetic is? That’s My Aesthetic is the personality test that matches your character to your soul style with mind-blowing accuracy. 150 highly scientific scenario cards will reveal who in your group is a glittery-pink Barbiecore, who is an Earth-loving Cottagecore, and who’s the individualistic Indiecore. The perfect gift for a Gen Zer or for the office Christmas party this festive season!
















Drink is the Answer: £24.95
Pick your poison and pour your answers… In this party game for drinkers, not thinkers, answer questions by filling shot glasses. Get one right – score a point… Then pick a player to down your drink! Get it wrong and you’re the one knocking it back. First to 10 points WINS in this totally tippling party game where you pour to score and drink what you think. 



















Merry Quizmas: £9.95

Merry Quizmas features 100 ho-ho-ho-larious questions about all things Christmas, from iconic movies and toe-tappin’ tunes to global traditions and food that will make your taste buds dance the “Nutcracker” ballet. It’s the only way to show off your merry mental muscles and prove once and for all that you’re the reigning champion of all things holly and jolly! So, get your Santa hats ready, crank up the carols, and sleigh this holiday season with Merry Quizmas – the most tree-mendous holiday trivia game ever.















Name That Emoticon – Christmas Edition: £9.95

Crack the Christmas code by turning emoji combinations into words. Get the answers right and score points. Score the most points WIN the game! It’s the emoticon picture quiz that’s guaranteed to get the party started this Christmas. The game takes classic emojis and arranges them to represent various words, phrases, songs, carols, and movies relating to everyone’s favourite time of the year! Solve the riddles by working out what the images represent. Get into the festive spirit by battling your friends and family to the right answer!

















Disco Ball Hanging Planter: £24.95

Transform a loved one’s home horticultural space into a boujee wonderland with the Disco Ball Hanging Planter. The perfect hanging plant pot for a funky ficus or disco in-fern-o, this shimmering sphere brings the glamour of the dancefloor directly to the living room. Groovy growers can also grab these hanging planters in 4-inch and 8-inch sizes. Regardless of how big or small your plants are, they’ll have no trouble stayin’ alive with these pots.


















Mini Plant Life Support: £9.95

If you’re busy living your life, working hard, and playing harder, it can be tricky to look after your indoor plants. Easy care solutions are what you need. And they don’t come much simpler than this genius little plant self-waterer. It’s the answer to your home horticultural prayers. Simply fill the bag, hang it from the peg and insert the dripper in the soil. The Mini Plant Life Support will do the rest. It’s the perfect gift for the not-so-green-fingered-gardener in your life.














Iykyk Trivia – Pop Culture: £11.95

Do you know someone that lives for pop culture? Then you’ll love iykyk Trivia: Pop Culture edition! Know the exact height of Mt. Everest? Can you name the last 3 presidents? This game is for those that can name all of Kim K’s husbands, the dates they got married, and how long they were married without breaking a sweat. This is the only game where you can turn your guilty pleasures into points and prizes. It’s pop culture trivia like you’ve never seen it before!

















Motorway Service Stations: £9.95

Do battle with Britain’s best service stations in Motorway Service Stations. On this gaming journey, you’ll be racing your opponents using five categories to steal every station in the game. Everyone’s got their favourite motorway service area, so this game travels the length and breadth of the UK and includes the best and worst in this top trumps style game. Pit Thurrock against Fleet, and Woolley Edge against Watford Gap! 
















Top Spoons: £9.95

Top Spoons is a nationwide pub crawl of Britain’s best and worst boozers. Famous and infamous Spoons have been rated across five categories and it’s down to players to outscore their opponents to steal every tavern in this top-trumps style game. And the last player standing? Well, they are the winner, of course! Top Spoons calls last orders on boring old card games – you’ve gotta be “inn” it to win it!


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