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Legionnaires’ disease might be closer than you think

Legionnaires’ disease… no doubt you will have heard of it. And perhaps you think it is something that is only related to large industrial buildings or big hotel complexes. Well, that’s not entirely the case. The truth is, the media typically report on the stories linked to well-known brands, leaving many other cases without a mention. And this gives people the wrong impression of just how far this problem can spread, and what they can – and should – be doing about it.


The main issues when it comes to legionella outbreaks are: lack of risk assessments, no action on specialist advice given, inadequate training and resources, poor lines of communication and unclear responsibilities.

Dean at Legionella First has been a specialist in legionella control for over 10 years. We asked him what his main concern was in educating the public about Legionnaires’ disease and legionella bacteria within water system.

“I read all the news and updated guidance on the bacteria and the disease, and what worries me the most is that most of these outbreaks could have been prevented by one break in the chain of events leading up to it. Legionnaires’ disease can destroy brands and companies, but most important of all it destroys lives. People who are infected and subsequently survive will normally have lifelong health problems related to the infection. Exeter Dentist.

“At Legionella First we have a very experienced team and have worked with hotels, care homes, schools, hospitals, leisure centres, dentists, private landlords and lettings agents to name a few. The most important building block in any legionella control plan is the risk assessment; this will tell you what needs to be done and give you guidance on how to go about it. Our assessments are to the point and not beefed up with needless info – we want you to use the document and not leave it on a shelf! As the person responsible for water in your building you need to make sure that the risk is assessed and is required for a large skyscraper down to a one-bedroom rented flat.

Legionella bacteria

Legionella bacteria

“We are offering insideKENT readers a free consultation health check of your building to see if you are compliant with current guidance. Please mention insideKENT when contacting us.”


Legionella First
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