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For those who have undertaken a building project or renovation (or indeed are planning to), I’m sure that you will – or will soon – have the same doubts, fears and decision-making dramas as I and my steadfast better half recently encountered. Yet whilst the obvious stresses – budget control, unexpected structural hurdles and indeed the relentless amount of dust (seriously, where does it all come from and why oh why won’t it go?) – are indeed enough to rock even those with the most hardy of resolves, none of these proved to be the most difficult aspect of my build. Much to my surprise and horror, that mantle fell to bathroom planning.

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With no less than three to plan, including a dream master bathroom, where my tranquil haven with freestanding bath was under threat from a husband that instead wanted a shower the size of a small country, and a ridiculously tight 12-week timeframe dictated by the imminent arrival of child number three…this was not what I had in mind!

We are all aware of the adage that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, but more importantly they also make homes.

Where kitchen companies lead the way with a whole host of planning tools, design options, self-build packages and beautiful bespoke tailormade dreams – all of which can instantly be visualised and skillfully realised – it came as a massive planning headache to realise that bathroom concepts were severely lagging behind.

I mean, I had done my research, read the glossy home mags, looked at beautiful bathroom fixtures, taken random photos of hotel bathrooms, carefully, yet hopefully subtly, inspected my friends’ homes and of course spent hours lovingly creating my Pinterest board (albeit to my husband’s horror), but yet nowhere seemed able to realise my vision and actually create my dream space.


I tried lots of options. DIY stores, which clearly didn’t have the look nor quality that I was hoping to achieve; a well-known high street bathroom store, which shall remain nameless, had about as much creativity and inspired CAD planning as the concrete foundations of my soon-to-be master suite; beautiful suppliers that had the products but no way of helping me actually see if the vision was just a (bathroom) pipe dream; and I even ventured into the realm of plumbing supply shops, that strange trade-focused domain that would have ultimately had all of the products we needed but were only able to communicate in codes and catalogues.

And then the miracle happened: I found Salacia of London.

Salacia of London was in fact conceptualised from the founders’ own personal painful experiences of bathroom planning, but comes with the unique aspect of decades of bathroom knowhow and some serious design style. The whole concept offered a tantalising combination of luxury products, high-end finishes and an unsurpassed creative flair and provided us with not just a bathroom planning solution, but a total immersive bathroom design experience.

We were fortunate to meet Simon, their chief designer, who arrived paper and pen in hand. He viewed the spaces that were built and the plans for what was to come, he listened to our stories, saw our inspiration, and just got it!

With a few strokes of artistic flair, he began to bring the first emergings of our bathroom dream to life, and we saw it in that beautiful yet simplistic hand-drawn design of one of the Salacia ranges.

This was then magically (well, with the help of Spencer’s fixture knowhow, Ollie’s product acumen and little bit of computer wizardry) transformed into a realistic computerised image of what the finished article could look like (which you can witness yourself online). Mind blown!  


Salacia’s well conceived offer is as beautiful as it is simple. They offer six unique bathroom ‘styles’: Fulham, Kensington, Wimbledon, Chelsea, Soho and Islington; which can be tailored for five different bathroom spaces: main, family, ensuite, WC or shower room.  

We were able to explore different looks and a plethora of options whilst still remaining true to our style, our space and our budget; safe, for the first time, in the knowledge that these would a) actually fit, and b) actually work.

In a matter of days we had fully costed and perfectly planned bathroom options for our family bath, mini ensuite and master bathroom suite.

The carefully selected products, which were an exact match to that first freehand drawing, and came with great guidance to our plumbers, soon followed.

The end result? Well, aside from my sanity? We are now the delightfully proud owners of three beautiful, bespoke bathroom spaces, which whilst never compromising substance and functionality also came with bucket loads (or should that be bath loads?) of style.

Of course the crowning glory: my hotel-inspired master bathroom suite with its sleek carrera marble twin vanity and freestanding bath, which you can actually see for yourself in episode one of Channel 4’s new property show Best Laid Plans. And the finishing touch: the original freehand sketch is now treasured and framed on the bathroom wall.


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