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Clyde and Tolkien’s 17th Anniversary on Valentines Day

Tolkin the holwer Monkey was born hear at Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve on 11/05/2201. She is the third generation of howlers to be born here. Tolkien was a very affectionate monkey as a baby and as a first born child had no one to play with, so spent a lot of her time playing with her keepers, until she got some younger siblings to boss about.

Eventually she grew up, and it was time for her to move out and find a place of her own and start a family.

Along came Clyde, he was born on 15/03/1998 and came to Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve from Singapore in February 2006. He is patient, quiet and a very sweet howler – it was love at first sight when he saw Tolkien. He would follow her around endlessly and liked nothing more than just sitting next to her. They have been inseparable and completely devoted to each other ever since.
They went on to have six children together in the early years, but tragedy struck with both their first two young dying before they reached 6 months old due to natural causes. Tolkien was absolutely devastated. She didn’t want to eat for weeks and became very withdrawn. Clyde stuck with Tolkien and supported her through this, never leaving her side. Their next four young happily all survived into adulthood. Two of their sons, Merry and Gimli, still live with them today in the same enclosure at Port Lympne Reserve.
The happy couple are now enjoying their retirement together and this Valentines day will be celebrating 17 years together! Clyde still follows her around and will either rest his chin on her back, or they will sit side by side with their prehensile tails wrapped around each other in the best hug imaginable.
Come and see the lovebirds (monkeys) this half term at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve. Day entry prices to Port Lympne: Adults £32, children £28 and under threes go FREE.
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