Macknade Team Attempts 100km Trailwalker Challenge 

A team from Macknade in Faversham have signed up for the annual Trailwalker challenge  on the 23rd & 24th September 2023 – a 100km nonstop walk starting in Petersfield,  travelling along the historic South Downs Way, and finishing in Brighton 24 hours later.  

The event is in aid of the Gurkha Welfare Trust, and the team are raising money for the  provision of financial, medical and development aid to Gurkha veterans, their families and  communities. 

The “Macknade Monster March” are a team made up of four walkers, including MD Shane Godwin, who will be taking on the trail itself, and a small support crew, who will be on hand  to refuel the team and give them a much-needed morale boost at checkpoints every 10km  along the route. 

They are kindly supported by Hari Budha Magar, a Canterbury resident and former Gurkha soldier. Hari was injured in Afghanistan in 2010, sustaining multiple injuries and losing both  his legs above the knee. In May this year, Hari became the first ever double above-knee  amputee to climb to the summit of Everest. 

Hari commented, “As a retired Gurkha and now an Ambassador for the GWT, I am  enormously grateful for the support that the charity has provided for me and so many other  Gurkha veterans, their families and community in Nepal. It has enabled me to overcome my  injuries and conquer Everest. In turn, I hope that I can encourage others to overcome their  own challenges and conquer their own mountains. 

Trailwalker has been a military training exercise and competition since 1981, and it is a  genuine test of endurance and team-work. I look forward to supporting Finn, Rosie, Shane  and Priya from Macknade and the many other civilian teams taking on the challenge in  2023.” 

Finnian Dunlop, who is leading the charge for Macknade, added, “The Gurkha community  has inspired me since I was a boy with their deep humility and endless positivity, on top of  their extraordinary bravery and committed service to the UK for over 200 years. We are  grateful and fortunate to have a strong community of Gurkha families living within Kent. 

Having first completed the Trailwalker challenge 15 years ago, I remember how mentally  and physically exhausting it is. It is a unique experience and team camaraderie is vital. With 

Hari’s inspirational journey, from Afghanistan to the summit of Everest, in our minds, we  look forward to the challenge and raising funds for the Gurkha community.” 

With a tough fundraising target of £1,200, the team would like to invite all customers,  suppliers, and anyone else wishing to support the Gurkha Welfare Trust, to sponsor them  at:  

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