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Cosmetic Surgery Special: Mummy Makeovers

As cosmetic surgery becomes more commonplace and accepted in the UK, plastic surgeons have seen an increasing demand for ‘mummy makeovers’ which include procedures such as tummy tuck, liposuction, breast enlargement, breast uplift and labiaplasty. Indeed, these are now the most frequently requested cosmetic procedures in the UK and mark a trend in the rising popularity of so-called ‘body-contouring surgery’.

In appropriate patients, surgery can result in improved proportions, better fitting clothes and a more appealing silhouette, as well as potentially boosting confidence and enhancing quality of life.

Mr Banwell of Nuffield Health explains, “Patient satisfaction is often extremely high for breast and body contouring procedures, but it is vital patients have realistic expectations of outcomes.” He also points out that the consultation is a fundamental part of this process and he endorses the BAAPS message of ‘Be Safe, Be Sure’ – no surgery is risk free.


A recent study by Mother & Baby Magazine found that the joys of childbirth may be reduced by the toll it takes on
mothers’ figures. The study found that 86 percent of women said that they felt less attractive post-pregnancy, while a similar number were unhappy with their weight and shocked by the changes in their body afterwards.

Mr Banwell comments, “It is perhaps not surprising that some women are choosing to have cosmetic surgery to help restore their bodies to their pre-pregnancy state. Common concerns include loose abdominal skin with sagginess, and small, empty or drooping breasts. Childbirth can also cause tears and stretching of the labia and ladies are often also keen for a ‘tidy up’.

However, Mr Banwell’s policy is not to operate on mums until their last child is at least 6 months after breastfeeding. “I usually advise patients to complete all their pregnancies before commencing surgery. Otherwise results might not be maintained,” says Mr Banwell.

Post-pregnancy cosmetic surgery can have a very positive effect. “As long as the expectations of outcomes are realistic, I find the overall satisfaction rate in this group of patients is extremely high,” Mr Banwell concludes.

Quality Facilities:

Nuffield Health Tunbridge Wells offers a cosy, intimate and discreet cosmetic surgery service with a full range of procedures available for the breast, body and face. They also specialise in non-surgical anti-ageing and skin health treatments (skin peels, dermal fillers, botox and hair removal) and cosmetic mole removal.

Quick Guide:

Breast Augmentation

Pros: Breast enhancement is still the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world. Anatomical (tear-drop shape) implants are now most commonly used for a natural looking breast shape. Quick recovery and high patient satisfaction.
Cons: May need future operation for replacement.

Breast Uplift

Pros: Breasts going southwards? An uplift (so-called ‘mastopexy’) aims to lift the nipple and restore shape and fullness. Often combined with breast implants.
Cons: Scarring around nipple and under breast.

Inverted Nipple Correction

Pros: Inverted nipples are more common than most people think. Can be a huge source of concern for girls but is surprisingly fairly easy to correct surgically under a local anaesthetic.
Cons: Milk ducts are cut so no breastfeeding afterwards.

Tummy Tuck

Pros: Excellent body contouring procedure. Removes excess fat and skin from lower tummy. Flattens and tones tummy.
Cons: Big scar. Must rest up after operation.


Pros: More sculpted, tidier look and eases discomfort in clothes/exercise. Massive benefits with confidence and self-esteem.


Pros: Shifts those stubborn areas of fat. Quick recovery. Minimal discomfort. Cons: Needs regular massage after to help contour settle.


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