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Mural in Ashford nominated for ‘Best of 2023’ by Street Art Cities

The Bank Street ‘Stag’ Mural by Curtis Hylton, on the side of Bucksford Law in Ashford has been nominated for ‘Best of 2023’ by Street Art Cities

Street Art Cities is the biggest online platform celebrating the most popular street art across the world. Once a year, an expert jury look back at all the hundreds of new murals created that year, and then the community votes for the best one. Out of the 50 nominees, the Ashford mural is the only one from the United Kingdom.

Cast your vote to help keep Ashford Kent firmly on the global cultural map!

You can cast your vote here: There are three categories. Curtis Hylton’s is in Category One: “Best Mural of the World”. The other two categories are for Impact and Innovation, which you can also vote for. If you do vote, you will be asked to verify your email to help avoid multiple votes.

“Naturally, everyone who was part of Ashford Unframed, including our commissioned partners Accent London & The London Mural Co are delighted by the nomination, and we look forward to working with them again to deliver a new work for Ashford Town Centre in the coming months.” – Chris Dixon, Arts & Cultural Industries Manager, Ashford Borough Council

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