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National Tequila Day 24 July: say hola to the Peckham Paloma

This summer, mix up a vibrant summer highball with El Rayo Tequila, the modern Tequila crafted with 100% slow-grown blue agave. 
With summer 2024 set to be the summer of the Paloma cocktail, El Rayo recommends a Peckham Paloma, a true Mexican classic with a Peckham twist. In other words – what we do best. The drink tastes like golden hour on a rooftop in Mexico City – or South East London. We’re cool with either.
Alternatively, the classic T&T (Tequila and tonic) reimagines premium Tequila as more than just a shot. It’s a long, light and refreshing serve best enjoyed in the sunshine for an authentic taste of Mexico – the perfect way to begin long summer evenings.
El Rayo’s two Tequilas – Plata (RRP £37.95/70cl) and Reposado (RRP £41.95/70cl) – were first created after best friends Tom Bishop and Jack Vereker were struck by inspiration in the form of a bottle of Añejo. This led them to quit their jobs and swap Peckham, London, for Guadalajara, Mexico.
There, they joined forces with Maestro Tequilero Oscar Garcia to craft a spirit that celebrates modern Mexico, and local Mexican artist Mario Ballesteros, the founder of Toro Pinto design studio, to create the brand’s award-winning design – including the bottles’ iconic label. After heading to the country’s highlands to find the blue agave plant, they distilled it into a single-ingredient, fresh-tasting Tequila made with tonic in mind. El Rayo – “the lightning” in Spanish – was born.
Try El Rayo Tequila in this cool summer serve that’s easy to make at home:
Peckham Paloma
Both mellow & exciting, tart & sweet, simple & lavish
40ml El Rayo Reposado •  30ml Pink grapefruit juice  • 10ml Lime juice  • 10ml Sugar syrup  • Grapefruit soda
Combine all the ingredients into a highball glass with ice, top with grapefruit soda and garnish with a fresh grapefruit slice and sprig of rosemary.
The T&T
A deliciously smooth and light experience. It’s clean. It’s natural. It’s fresh. Designed to start your night, not end it.
40ml El Rayo Plata • Indian tonic • Fresh grapefruit slice
Fill a highball with ice, then add 40ml El Rayo Tequila. Top with tonic and garnish with grapefruit.
El Rayo co-founder Tom Bishop said: “You’ll love the deliciously clean and fresh flavours of 100% natural tequila and to relish it in a long, slow serve like our Peckham Paloma or  T&T. It’s tequila made for tonic, grapefruit and good times, not lime, salt and regret. We can’t wait for you to discover why we’re on a mission to turn tequila into the first drink of the night, not the last.”
Over the summer, Sainsbury’s stores will be running a promotion on El Rayo Plata Tequila and London Essence Tonic between 17th July – 27th August. El Rayo will be sold at £28 (£6 off) over this time, and a London Essence multipack will be £3 (£1 off).
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