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New Year New Start with Champneys Spa, Eastwell Manor

We all feel down either physically or mentally (or both), after several festive parties, indulgent Christmas dinners, never ending treats and prolonged New Year’s celebrations, but you know what, it is not the end of the world. Believe it or not, it’s much easier to start to live in a healthier way than you think.

Step by step changes will transform you and give you energy to live a better, fuller and happier life without even realising it. I can’t tell you it will be easy but I promise you it will be worth it. 

by Evelyn Duro, Health & Wellbeing Addict, and Assistant Fitness Manager at Champneys Spa, Eastwell Manor

Unfortunately, no one has discovered “the magic pill” or “the magic workout” that will change your body and mind in an instant. If that were the case, we would all be achieving our wellbeing goals overnight! However it needn’t be totally overwhelming either. 

Make January your life-changing month, with my top tips to kickstart your 2020 health and wellness regime. All designed to encourage you to start your health and fitness journey by not overdoing it at the beginning, leading to a long-term lifestyle changes that you won’t give up by the end of January.

Drink More Water!

One of the most important tips, and easiest changes, is to drink plenty of water. Aside from often confusing hunger with thirst, 80% of us who try to lose weight never drink enough water to help get rid of the excess toxins which are built up in our system. It may sound illogical, however as soon as you start drinking more you’ll actually release water retention, you’ll also become more hydrated, and your organs will start working properly, getting rid of all the ‘bad stuff’. Try and drink a minimum of 2.5 – 3 litres of water (not squash!) every day and you’ll notice a huge difference after just a week.

Ban The White Stuff!

No, not the remnants of our white Christmas snow, but the health regime harming white foods; mainly those with white sugar and white flour. Over-processed food and drinks are the biggest and worst offenders for calorie intake. Having a slice of white toast could actually make you feel hungrier, due to the faster sugar crash, than enjoying a more nutrient rich slice of wholemeal or a nice bowl of porridge. Try to swap to whole foods; if you like pastries, choose an oat-flour based option, swap your sugar laden cereal for porridge or oats, or simply swap your toast for wholemeal to make a huge difference.

Stop drinking your calories!

I am not talking about a nice glass of red wine once or twice a week… believe me that wouldn’t really count if you just drank water the rest of the time… I am talking about your fruit juices, fizzy drinks, squashes and supposedly ‘healthy’ smoothies; your go-to drinks that are full of sugar and therefore calories. Stick to pure water, the most natural source of hydration and watch your calorie intake fall.

Forget the word diet!

Healthy lifestyles are all about balance and I am a true believer of the “80-20% rule”. Be good and eat and drink wisely for 80% of your week, to be rewarded with that 20% indulgence. This is how you can stay on track for longer… and please, forget the word “diet”! As soon as this label appears, your mind will restrict you mentally and physical, which leads you to absolute failure. 

Find your gym confidence!

I’m going to share a huge instructor secret with you, you do not have to spend loads of time in the gym, or buy fancy gym gear to kick start your fitness journey. Exercise to feel and live better, but don’t do it to punish yourself for that extra brownie you had last night… Start your journey at home, with just 10 minutes of daily exercise. Get up 10 minutes earlier, search on YouTube for a 10-minute workout, or enjoy a brisk walk. You’ll not only start your day right, feeling much more energised, but you’ll sleep better too.

Then when you have the confidence to hit the gym, elevate your fitness with a smashing group workout or dedicated personal training session in a nice and friendly environment.

Evelyn & the Champneys Team at Eastwell Manor, offer 1:2:1 Personal Training, 6,8 & 12 week wellbeing plans, nutrition advice, personalised gym programmes, and a variety of exercise classes from spin, total body workouts and bootcamps, to aqua, stretch & tone and pilates; perfect for kick-starting your 2020 health and fitness goals.

Join Evelyn at the end of January for a Pilates Retreat Day. Learn how to balance high and low intensity exercises with detoxification, to give you an extra kick to the beginning of your “New Year, New Me” journey.





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