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New Year, New You, New Life

As the clock struck twelve this New Year’s Eve to the sound of Champagne corks popping and Auld Lang Syne booming, you welcomed in 2015 with a resolve to deal with something this year that has been playing on your mind for some time: your relationship.


Christmas was a difficult time in which you felt as if you had to put on a brave face for family and friends, attending functions and parties pretending to be the happy couple that you once were but inside you feel as if this is all a lie. You are desperate not to cause your family unnecessary upset or disruption but you simply cannot go on as you are. You want to make a fresh start for the New Year but you don’t know where to begin or who to turn to for advice.

Arguably the first step is to find out what your options are so that you have the knowledge and confidence to make an informed decision about the best way for you to move forward. Picking up the telephone to make that initial appointment with a Solicitor can be a daunting prospect but is a brave first step forward. A number of thoughts are whirling through your mind: What will they be like? How much information will I need to tell them? How much will it cost me? You may wish to contact a local Family Solicitor.

Family Solicitors will discuss the options open to you and help you to think about which are suitable to your particular circumstances. At Girlings Solicitors we will help you to move forward at your own pace. Even if you decide that you do not want to take any action straight away it is likely that you will feel as if a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders just knowing the options open to you.

The top priority for most families experiencing difficulties is to ensure that their children are shielded from as much upset as possible if their parents, for whatever reason, go their separate ways. Family Solicitors can assist separating parents to reach an amicable and workable arrangement in relation to their children. Family Solicitors can also provide you with details of local services and resources, which can help guide parents how to effectively co-parent their children following relationship breakdown. The focus of Family Solicitors is where possible to help clients to avoid confrontation and Court proceedings.

Aside from thinking about your children, whether married or unmarried, you may also be worried about how you will cope financially if you decide to separate. Family Solicitors will help you to assess your individual financial circumstances and help you to determine what may be a realistic outcome for you. At a first meeting we shall usually be able to provide you with advice as to what a potential settlement might be and talk about options in relation to pensions. You may also be concerned about whether you will need to obtain a divorce straight away or whether you should start with a trial separation – these are all options that can be discussed.

To arrange a no obligation and confidential appointment with a member of our experienced and approachable Family Team please call Girlings Solicitors on 01227 768374.


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