Peace of mind that your loved ones are safe and well with Nurseplus Care at home

Nurseplus provide a fast and responsive premium service delivering care, companionship and confidence by promoting independence to vulnerable people in their own homes.

In recent years, more and more people are choosing to move away from traditional care options such as moving to nursing or residential homes and instead are staying at home for longer with the support of homecare services. The added effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a further increase in the number of people opting for private care in the home.

Whether you’re looking for care for yourself, a family member or a friend, the reasons for choosing homecare can vary. It might be that you require help whilst recuperating from a hospital stay or you may need assistance due to a disability or long-term condition. Perhaps you’ve noticed your relative’s ability to manage day-to-day tasks has changed – things that they would normally cope with easily like personal care or preparing meals. Nurseplus understands that everyone’s needs are different and tailors its services to your meet specific needs.

Its premium homecare features an enhanced client matching programme so that Dedicated Care Professionals are placed with clients based on clinical need as well as likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests. This means that you have a support team around you that understands just how important your favourite activities are to maintaining your wellbeing. Nurseplus Care at home offers a broader spectrum of traditional homecare with a strong focus on its companionship packages which have been designed to combat loneliness and improve clients overall wellbeing – which is particularly pertinent in the wake of lockdown which has seen many vulnerable people further isolated.

Carefully chosen homecare with a reputable provider is an excellent way to maintain your independence whilst getting the support you need to stay happy and most importantly, safe in your home.

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