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Polar Express at Spa Valley

Have you ever woken up just after midnight to the sound of gently rattling windows outside your house? Felt a sudden chill, as if a Northern wind has appeared alongside a magical train? Heard the cry of the Conductor shouting “All Aboard!” and felt the pull to join the magical adventure to the North Pole?

If you have, you might just be a Believer. But even if you aren’t, even if the bell of Christmas hasn’t rung for you in a while, you might just find yourself rediscovering the wonder of the season on the most magical Christmas train of all – The Polar Express Train Ride.

Brand new this year, from the company that ran the Polar Express at Wensleydale Railway which sold out for this year after an incredibly well-received run in 2019, the Polar Express Train Ride steams into Spa Valley Railway in Royal Tunbridge Wells. 

Tickets start from just £24.95 and can be purchased from the Spa Valley Polar Express Website  – although act fast to make sure you catch the train, as they are selling fast and availability on key dates is limited. 

But what exactly awaits you on the Polar Express Train Ride? First of all, the whistle of steam as a genuine steam engine pulls The Polar Express into the station. Make sure that you brace against the cold by wearing pyjamas just like in the film! You’ll be greeted by the Conductor and his team of talented chefs, who will welcome you aboard with a song and a smile. As you depart, headed for the North Pole, you’ll be guided by the chefs through a beautiful narration of the story of the Polar Express, as written by Chris Van Allsburg. You’ll be able to see the stunning illustrations, both by following along in the book you can purchase with your tickets and the giant picture books the chefs will show you.

You’ll be fed delicious hot chocolate as the story comes to life before you and your family. You’ll be introduced to the mysterious ghost of the Polar Express – who no one seems to be able to see except for you – and have your soul filled with Christmas cheer as you’re invited to join in with the fun. 

At last, you’ll arrive at the North Pole, where Santa himself will arrive directly in your carriage. You and your family will get to spend special time with Santa as he checks his Naughty and Nice list against what you’ve asked for on your Christmas list! You’ll even be given a very special present – the first Gift of Christmas – which, fans of the film will know, is a shiny silver bell from Santa’s sleigh.

All good things must come to an end, but as we head steadily towards home, the chefs will entertain the whole carriage with carolling fun. When you arrive back to the station, you’ll be invited to Santa’s Workshop, where more fun awaits with a shop full of marvellous souvenirs of your visit to the Polar Express Train Ride. 

On the journey home, all that’s left to do is bask in the warm glow of your family’s excitement – and, of course, check the pockets of your dressing gown for holes. 

Well, ya comin’?

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