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Protect your hair and skin this winter with these Winter Winners from Noughty & Plantopia

Winter is well and truly here! Protect your hair and skin with these WINTER WARRIORS from Noughty & Plantopia. Ensure your locks and skin stay just as radiant, hydrated and resilient as you.

Keep those senses stimulated and protected from the chill

This dual-purpose pot of wonder is an easy on-the-go scent, to stimulate senses, ease stress, alleviate tension, and restore peace of mind in just a few inhalations.
It can additionally be used as a nourishing salve to ease and soothe the appearance of dry, rough patches on the body.

Don’t let the cold affect your sleep. Best retinol alternative – formulated with Bakuchiol

This featherweight night-time facial oil restores the skins protective barrier function, soothes irritation and supports overnight renewal. Powered by adaptogenic ashwagandha and bakuchiol.

Keep skin relaxed.

A multi-purpose body oil which helps nourish and moisturise skin whilst helping to slow damage that manifests as signs of ageing. An exquisite blend of plant oils helps improve skin tone, texture, elasticity, and suppleness.

Even if the sun isn’t shining brightly, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

A multi-purpose, clarifying face and eye mask, designed to encourage ten minutes of time-out to ease the impact of stress on mind and skin. This unique gel cream formula helps skin adapt to the effects of pollutants and free radicals, reducing signs of tension and puffiness.

Ensure your skin is protected from winter all the way to spring.

This radiance-boosting body sorbet helps to reduce the signs of fatigue and protect skin against the stresses of daily life, from dullness to signs of ageing.
A super light, skin-refreshing formulation that replenishes hydration, and contributes to improved suppleness whilst supporting cellular renewal for a brighter, smoother, and more even skin tone. Skin is left feeling recharged.

Extend the wash day and control oil

Say goodbye to oily roots and embrace the perfect balance for your hair. Designed to target excess oil on the scalp, this transformative shampoo is your go-to solution for extending your wash day and maintaining beautiful, balanced hair. Say hello to manageable hair and bid farewell to constant washing with this exceptional oil-controlling shampoo.

Hyaluronic Acid – helps maintain moisturisation levels in the scalp.

This conditioner shampoo is formulated with Noughty’s own Pea Complex a cocktail of healthy hair must haves, from organic garden pea sprout extract, known to energise, restore the hair’s vitality and champion fighting fit hair growth( Formulated with AnaGain™) and Hyaluronic Acid facilitate to maintenance of optimum moisturisation levels in the scalp.

Protect those eyebrows from the chill!

Stands Away Flyaway Wand allows you to be in control of baby hairs and give a sleeker finish to your mane. This fragrance free, multi purpose flyaway wand provides a lasting, natural hold to hair and also leaves your eyebrows looking fuller. Enriched with marula and coconut oil, Strands Away 2-in-1 magic wand instantly reduces frizz for a sleek, non greasy finish. Frizz Magic!

Condition, moisture and detangle!

Triumph in the battle against tangles, dryness, and splits, with this thirst-quenching mist of moisture. The 97% natural, lightweight formula is powered by a super-quenching blend, including sweet almond extract and argan oil, to infuse locks with hydration.

A bowl of breakfast oats for your scalp

This mask is formulated with calming oatmeal extract coupled with a hit of black coffee extract, to give your scalp the wake-me-up you’ve been waiting for! With all the nutrients and soothing ingredients to calm irritation, The Care Taker Mask is like breakfast for your scalp. Suitable for sensitive scalps and scalps that maybe prone to eczema.

Increasing co-washing frequency, adds moisture to the hair.

Cleanse and condition in one hit, with this non-foaming co-wash, for fragile and overworked hair. The 97% natural formula gently removes impurities without drying or stripping hair. Packed with sweet almond and castor oils to pamper and nourish overworked hair.
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