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When it comes to improving your house or apartment, many homeowners will prioritise the lounge first, and for good reason. It is the living space that will be used by you and your family on the most frequent basis, whether that is letting the children play video games, watching your favourite TV programmes or sitting down together to enjoy Hollywood’s latest blockbuster.

Whilst most lounges will contain a sleek, sophisticated and maybe slightly oversized television, many consumers become stuck when they explore the latest audio technology designed to supplement your viewing pleasure with optimum sound: What does 5.1 mean? Do I need a separate subwoofer? Where do I place my speakers? How do I adjust the settings and bass depending on what I am watching?


For those who wish to enjoy the latest technology without having the need to spend hours setting it up and making constant adjustments, we have come across a fantastic new product from Q Acoustics, a fast growing loudspeaker brand from here in the UK. The company has launched a new soundbar that allows TV addicts, movie buffs and video gamers to simply and quickly switch between different sound scenarios so they can benefit from an audio experience tailored to what they are watching. The M3 Soundbar incorporates the company’s unique MoviEQ technology so consumers can pick a setting that delivers optimum performance for regular TV shows, movies and games.

Thankfully, the MoviEQ functionality is operated by just a single button on the top of the soundbar. This allows users to switch between two pre-determined equaliser settings, created and defined by Q Acoustics’ team of experts. The first setting will deliver a pure high-quality audio experience designed for standard viewing (such as regular TV programmes), whilst the second provides a richer, fuller sound, with increased emphasis on bass, which is perfect for watching movies or playing video games.


The M3 is also a great-looking soundbar, whether you choose to sit it on the top of a shelf, in a cabinet or mounted via the built-in wall bracket. It also boasts a HDMI connection, which enables it to easily integrate with a vast number of devices, including your TV. Meanwhile, its wireless Bluetooth connectivity provides you with seamless and immediate access to your favourite songs, which is perfect for when you want to create a vibrant atmosphere when entertaining. You can enjoy optimum sound quality when accessing your personal music library on your smartphones or tablets, or via streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer or Google Play Music.

Q Acoustics calls the M3 its “most advanced and innovative soundbar to date” and who are we to disagree? It is a stylish product that delivers optimum sound for the whole family and for every occasion – and what is best of all? You can control it with just the touch of a button!

The Q Acoustics M3 soundbar is available for £299.99 from 

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