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“Glasses, earrings, rings, sneakers, I love every little accessory” – a legendary quote from rapper and singer J Balvin. And this resonates with us since a ring can be the ultimate accessory. Rings are almost always associated with love, but it does not have to be. Giving your significant other a ring to symbolise your love is fast becoming an outdated practice. Not because people are tired of declaring their love with a piece of jewellery, but rather because people have decided to buy their own finger pieces. And therein lies the excitement. You can buy exactly what you want and set a budget that works for your pocket. Let’s take a peek at the rings you can buy your partner beyond Valentine’s Day. 

Emerald rings

Every year we see new womens jewellery trends and the best the year has to offer, and 2023 is no different. This year there are countless options to choose from, making the decision quite difficult. But if you are looking for a fine piece of women’s jewellery that will make a loved one say WOW, then an emerald ring is a fine choice. While there are different styles and price points, one thing remains the same, emerald rings are classic pieces everyone should own.  

Why are people drawn to this colour? We’ve seen it as a wedding theme colour, fashion houses using it in their courtier lines, and so much more. Even celebrities such as Rita Ora, who recently revealed her unusual emerald engagement ring, can’t get enough. One interesting trend is that emerald is often a search on Pinterest for the perfect colour to paint your kitchen lists. So maybe get an emerald ring and have a full-blown kitchen makeover? But one thing is for sure; people love the colour paired with a ring because of how bold and full-bodied it is. It’s also great to wear regardless of skin tone, which is a win in our book. 



Rainbow rings

While this does not necessarily scream, I love you; it’s made the cut on this list because it’s friendly and youthful. Rainbow rings are great gifts because they come in different colours, making them ideal for those who can’t pick just one colour. But not only that. They are super cute and have a flair and charm that anyone with tons of personality would enjoy. Even those who don’t like busy jewellery pieces would enjoy wearing these rings because they can be the one part of your outfit that stands out.  

Cuff rings

Beyonce’s Cuff immediately jumps to mind when we think of cuff rings and statement women’s jewellery. Well, there is a correlation. Her song is about sort of handcuffing yourself to your partner for life, so it makes sense that if you get a cuff ring from your significant other, that’s just another form of I love you.   

There are so many cuff rings to choose from. Our favourite has to be the gemstone ones. They are chunky yet funky, and you can choose from a selection of gems. Then there are the adjustable ones for those who, unfortunately, have fluctuating finger sizes. Yikes, it does happen, but there are definitely rings for you. There are also dainty cuff rings that feature leaf decor. These are highly popular.   

Pinky rings

You might have wondered if pinkie rings are back in our spaces, and the answer is a fat yes. While they are traditionally associated with men, the jewellery is now considered a firm favourite and worn by everyone. There was a theory that pinky rings were associated with the thought that the person wearing them did not want to get married, but in today’s world, it’s simply seen as a fashion statement.  

The pinkie ring can be worn on the smallest finger on your hand… the pinky. The word pinky comes from Dutch and means little finger – interesting. If you want to truly splurge, you can have a custom one made for your loved one that features their initials. Those are quite cool. Countless famous people wear pink rings, such as His Royal Highness King Charles, who wears a pinky signet ring.



Gold-plated rings

Gold-plating is an age-old practice where a thin layer of gold is bonded onto metal. This process was invented by an Italian in 1805 and is a widespread practice in the jewellery world. Nearly all jewellery items can be made using the gold-plating practice meaning you can have a unique yet inexpensive piece. So, if your loved one loves gold-plated rings, why not opt for this? 

There are several styles to choose from, including cuffs, gems, and even engraved rings. You are truly spoilt for choice with your unlimited items.  

Giant gem rings

Whether you are opting for a diamond or a gemstone, giant gem rings are here, and they will act as a great addition to anyone’s jewellery box and style. These chunky rings are ideal when worn with nothing else except your impeccable style. You don’t need any other jewellery to compliment these rings since they are statement pieces. You will see that they are quite in your face, which adds to their appeal.   

What’s more, if you want a giant gem ring for your partner, and you know they are used to being stylish and love statement pieces, this will make an ideal gift. 



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