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Start your reserve of English wines with storage help from the UK’s expert in luxury wine cellaring, Spiral Cellars

2022 is the year to celebrate all things British, and it just so happens that the rise in UK wine production is growing faster than ever before – now is the time to start storing for the future!

The country raised many a toast over the recent Platinum Jubilee celebrations and alongside the rapid growth of the English wine industry, there is no better time – or reason – to start investing and stocking up on our special home grown cuvees. Where better to store these treasures than in a state-of-art Spiral Cellar, from the UK’s leading wine cellaring company? Spiral Cellars offers luxury wine storage for up to 1,900 bottles and the perfect built in cellaring conditions mean these precious past-times are able to grow in complexity and taste.

You may not know that Britain has been producing wines since Roman times, yet it is only in the past 15 years that English wines have started to earn their current well respected reputation. Warmer temperatures in the UK due to climate change offer an environment more suitable for wine production, which in turn has created a booming industry, that sees English wine production grow year on year.

2022 is no exception, with UK wines now recognised globally. From sparkling to still wines, Chardonnay to Pinot Noir, the varieties continue to expand, and today, there are over 200 wineries in the UK. Nick Crombie, English wine expert and Manager of one of England’s most popular vineyards, Hambledon, comments ‘It’s just a very exciting business to be involved in. For the near and middle future I don’t see anything but being involved in English wine viticulture because of how the machinery and processes are constantly improving.’

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations took over the country and encouraged us to enjoy the ‘Best of British’. The Queen herself even released her own English sparkling wine in honour of the celebrations this year, made from grapes grown on vineyards in Kent and West Sussex. Records show that bottles dated from a year of historical significance perform as well as those of significant quality, so there is no doubt that a Jubillee wine collection of bottles dated from the year of 2022, will in decades time, considerably increase in value.

BBC Food and Drink Expert, Joe Wadsack, comments ‘because of the unusually high level of acid in English sparkling wine, the wine is at its best after a couple of years of being stored in optimal conditions and for this reason high quality storage is absolutely essential.’ Therefore, one must refrain from drinking it all at once and store appropriately to get the best out of their locally grown bubbles!

Spiral Cellars, a British owned company based on the outskirts of London in Wimbledon, offers a wine collecting experience to mark the year of the best of British. The company, has been leading the wine storage market in the UK for over 40 years, and pride themselves on using materials and production facilities from the UK, meaning that they have managed to keep up with soaring consumer demand. In recent years Spiral Cellars have seen a huge surge in UK interest and visits to its website went up an average of 129% in 2020.

Spiral Cellars offers underground wine storage that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also stores precious past-times in the best environment, allowing maturity and ageing without the inevitable mishaps of a rack in the kitchen or a box in the pantry. And in keeping with the patriotic perspective, Spiral Cellars offer a great English cellar to fill with great English wines.

Creative Director and Co-Founder, Mark Dickens, is quite the avid collector and has given his predictions on UK wines worth investing in this summer. ‘Personally, I love collecting English wines and not just for the great taste but for the patriotic sentiment. My suggestions for a celebratory English tipple would be, the Nyetimber Classic Cuvee NV or the Chapel Down Vinatge Reserve NV.’

This summer season provides the ultimate opportunity to get involved in collecting great quality wines from our beautiful countrysides and a Spiral Cellar offers the perfect space to look after their bottles for future celebrations. The Spiral Cellars range includes:


• Spiral Cellars – Fitted into the ground under any ground floor room and can be installed in less than seven days, a Spiral Cellar provides the perfect cellaring conditions and a stunning design feature. Naturally ventilated and capable of storing up to 1,900 bottles, in up to 66 separate bins. From £24,550 to £87,000. A Spiral Cellar Kit begins at £24,550 and an Assisted-Kit starts from £29,990.

• Custom Design service – Spiral Cellars create entirely bespoke statement wine pieces, individually and creatively tailored to the client and their requirements. With access to the same in-house design team as fully bespoke projects, there is no compromise on creativity, but clients have the freedom to source the manufacture and fitting elsewhere. A highly detailed set of plans are created ready for the client to pass on to their own build team, from appropriately spec’d climate-controlled ducting to recommendations on fittings, finishes and specific materials. Price varies dependent on project, starts from £7,500.

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